Homework: Heroic or Evil

Braden has been locked in his room for hours.

He screams for help, but nobody answers. He has already been taken over by the terrifying, humongous monster. It jaws away at your brain, getting ready to blow. There is no chance for survival. They call this beast homework.

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Homework is school work assigned to do outside the classroom. When asked, most students will say they do not enjoy doing homework. Is it because of all the extra work, or is it because it takes time away from other stuff that may be important to your life? However, many teachers disagree on that. The clash of homework has been teachers against students throughout the ages. Many students feel it is a waste of time to have school work at home. Braden Snyder an 8th grader at Monticello Middle School agrees with this statement: “No, I don’t like homework.

I don’t feel the need for homework. We work all day at school. Why should we work at home?” Most students in middle school work on homework for half an hour a night. For Braden Snyder it takes him a little longer. “I’d say about an hour to an hour and a half.” Sure, receiving homework can help kids better learn the topic.

Braden Snyder contends, “Possibly but we learn at school anyways so what’s the point?” Seventh graders don’t get it much easier than the eighth graders. Pip Brown disagrees with Braden. He says homework is important: “Because the problems you have go with what you are learning in that class.” Sixth graders are still trying to adjust to middle school and all of the homework. Anaya Bradd a sixth grader states, “It takes about thirty minutes” to finish her homework each night. Most students considered teachers as the evil masterminds behind homework.

Most students think that there is too much homework in school, but teachers are working on this. It is rare when Mrs. Stripens, a seventh grade teacher at Monticello Middle School gives homework: “This year since we have had the chromebooks I have not sent paper copies home with the kids at all. We have assignments everyday but based on how fast they are, they get a lot of it done in class.” Students may wonder why teachers give out homework. Mrs.

Stripens explains, “Well this year it’s more student driven, so I wouldn’t say I give homework it’s more student driven assignments.” For seventh graders this is good news to hear. All in all, there are some kids that believe there shouldn’t be homework because it takes away from family time and other important extracurricular events. Braden Snyder agrees with this. Braden states,”It doesn’t take away from extracurricular activities because I always find time to do sports, however it takes away from valuable time with my family because after I eat dinner and finish my homework around 8 or 8:30. I don’t have a lot of time for my loved ones.

” For some students, when the homework stacks up, it creates stress for them to get the homework done. Pip Brown explains this by saying, “homework can be very challenging.” Although many students strongly dislike homework, they acknowledge that it can help them better learn that topic, making them do better on tests and quizzes. However, couldn’t that same work be done in class with the help of teachers and peers? Anaya Bradd answers this question, “Id rather do the homework at school with teachers so the teacher knows that I understand what she was teaching me.” If teachers quit assigning homework, kids would have more family time, less stress, and more time to be kids.

This would make the kids win the utterly epic battle against homework.