Homicide vs

Introduction Kidnapping is the act of holding a person in false imprisonment or a confinement with no legal authority. This is very common in the current life especially in United States as a result of parental divorce or separation thus one of the parties kidnap children from the other. Other cases of kidnapping are happening on adults who either own a lot of property or competing for some resources. Homicide is the act of people killing others with some intentions.

The study below concerns the current local or national news for reported arrests on charges kidnapping and homicide. Homicide and Kidnapping cases Channon A Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom is a couple from Knoxville. The two of them were tortured, raped and murdered by some by a female and some three males after kidnapping them on 7th January 2007 when the vehicle of the affected was carjacked. After the occurrence of the incident some five suspects were arrested. The imposing jury pointed out four of the suspects on the account of kidnapping, robbery, rape, theft and murder. Three of them were Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis D.

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Cobbins and George Thomas. After the tral Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to death while the other two were sentenced a life imprisonment. The parties of this case were the five suspects Vs the dead couple although the court spoke on behalf of the accusers (Mille, Vandome & McBrewster, 2010).Each of the accused faced different charges: Lemaricus Davidson faced 13 charges, he had just completed a five jail service in 2006, George Thomas had a total of 46 charges all involving robbery, rape, murder, kidnapping and theft of various incidences including this of the couple Letalvis D. Cobbins faced 20 charges on incidences similar to those of Thomas.

All these charges were analyzed in reference to the incident at hand and a sentence was passed. The accusers were found guilty of recklessly killing the couple. Based on the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan during the trial, the postmortem of Newsom’s body showed that he was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered then was set on fire, he was also shot on the back of the head (Hitlin, 2010). In Austin, a lady killed her three children 26 January 2011.

after having disagreements with her husband. The victim was arrested annd charged against homicide by shooting and killing the children. The parties of the trial were the lady, against the police who were doing the investigation and the killed children who bore the evidence of the charges. When the police visited the site of scene for performance of welfare check, they found the bodies of the children which had all been shot on the head before being burnt. This acted as the evidence or support of the charges.

According to the report by CNN, a few days prior to the day of the scene, this lady had posted this online “You got what you wanted, no wife and no kids.” The accused was sentenced a life imprisonment after being found guilty of killing her children intentionally. ConclusionCases of kidnapping and homicide are becoming the most common across the world. This is because of the changes in the lifestyle thus resulting to occurrences of these crimes. The economic strains on families incite depressions and fear caused by disagreements between the involved parties.

These results unplanned cases of divorce and separation thus the party which is on the loss decides to hurt the other in revenge. The children are kidnapped from their mothers or the one on revenge homicides the other.