Honda Inc. Corporate Strategy

Honda Inc. is a world-renown automobile maker that has grown over the past couple decades. In analyzing its corporate performance Honda strives on innovation and being the first in creating new high-tech, and environment friendly products that their customers know that they can rely on. In order for them to achieve this they must have a strong research and development center and encourage their employees to reach for the stars and strive on their imaginations.

The threats that the company faces is its competition against all of the other world-renown automobile makers, and the changing world awareness of products being friendly to our world’s environment. At the same time though, this challenge that the company faces also opens up more opportunities in being the first to create new and advanced products, like the world’s first hybrid car that they had created. Honda’s mission statement concludes that their goal as a company is “maintaining a global view point, [and they] are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction” (Honda. om). Along with their mission statement,

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Honda has also created two basic principals that their employees must follow.

These two principals are “respect for the individual, and the three joys of selling (buying, selling, and creating)”. Together, their mission statement and the two basic principals show the public that Honda is one hundred percent committed to the development of leading technologies and innovation. According to Honda’s corporate website it focuses on being strategic on venturing out in alternative energy, advanced materials, robotics, and communication.

Honda has expanded since it was first created a couple of decades ago. It now has six different business units, each including a range of different products and different objectives: – Acura – focus: advanced luxury vehicles, objective :being “advanced”. – Honda Jet – Focus: building the jet engines and the shell, rethinking the mount design, redefining aerodynamics, having a highly evolved fuselage, and having an engine of inspiration – objective: “the sky is yours” – Honda Power sports – focus: motorcycles, atvs, scooters, watercraft, dirt bikes, and customizing your own Honda – objective: “battle ready” Honda Power Equipment – focus: generators, lawnmowers, pumps, snowblowers, tillers, trimmers, parts, and accessories – objective: “enjoy tomorrows technology today” – Honda Marine – focus: luxury boats, small boats, pontoons, jet drives, and all models come with various amounts of horsepower and accessories – objective: ” Honda performance- demand it, Honda reliability- demand it, Honda quiet- demand it” – Honda Engines – focus: has a large selection of different types of engines and engine sizes – objective: build it like no other”