Honesty Free Essay

Have you ever been lied to or been accused of lying? Well, I have more than I can count. What’s matters most to me is honesty. Lying gets you nowhere in life. Everything will eventually catch up to you.

People lying to me, people accusing me of lying, and people not being completely honest with me are all things I hate. This is to explain why lying is useless and the wrong thing to do. People lying to me really gets under my skin, especially if I already know they are lying. If I ask you a specific question, what’s the point of lying? Lying can even put yourself at risk because what if you lie about where you are, and then something happens but no one can find you? In a relationship, lying about cheating is cruel. Not only can that hurt someone, but why drag it out to make the pain even worse when you could just end things? Those people are the scum of the earth.

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People accusing me of lying is also something I hate. People accusing me of lying is on my top ten list of things I hate. It’s not just bad if I really am lying, but if I’m telling the truth and get accused of lying it really makes me mad. For example, I know someone who’s mom had a boyfriend and he tried to make a move on her. Her mother took the side of the boyfriend and called the daughter a liar. A mother’s relationship with her daughter is ruined because she decided to take her boyfriend’s side and accuse the daughter of lying about something when, in reality, she wasn’t.

Also, someone who doesn’t tell the whole truth gets on my nerves. People not being completely honest with me is something I really don’t appreciate. I can ask you a simple question, and when you answer I expect the whole truth. Not being completely honest can cause a lot of damage. For example, you could tell a story about a man who flirted with you, but not mention that you flirted first. You could say you know who robbed a store, but not include that you were involved.

You could even tell on your friend for sneaking out, but not say that you were with her. Not telling the whole truth is wrong because, not only is it usually done to keep yourself out of trouble, but trying to impress someone with lies isn’t being honest about who you are. In conclusion, I don’t think most of the lies that are told should be accepted as something that is okay. Most of the things people lie about are unnecessary or are just shortcuts for themselves. Why do people lie? Why do people accuse others of lying? Why can’t people just tell the whole truth? This is why honesty is what matters to me most.