The Power of Free College Education Free Essay

Even with GPAs higher than 4, entering into a college may be virtually impossible for some unfortunate students. Financial restraints hold many talented scholars from around the world back from receiving education. The question is, “Should college education be free or not?”. You may already know that many countries around the world already have made the right choice and are providing free college education. On the other hand, most of the other countries have not made the right choice, yet. Free college education should definitely be a choice made for all countries around the world because it provides equal opportunities for everyone and helps with the development of the country.

Some may disagree since free education would mean less income for the college itself, which would make it harder to maintain the ‘top-class’ education, but there still are some colleges and universities around the world that provide ‘top-class’ education with extremely cheap tuition fees. To start us off, free college ed ucation means equal opportunities given to everyone. Given equal opportunities and chances is a matter of basic humans rights and that it should be provided for everyone. When I was in 4th grade, I wanted to join a soccer team so I practiced soccer quite often. However the chance was never given to me, because I was considered short compared to many of the other kids.

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Until today, I still think that it wasn’t fair for the sports teams to exclude me just because of my physical appearance. Have you ever had a similar thing happen, where you weren’t given equal opportunities and chances because of your the way you were born? Some people may be born under unfortunate circumstances, but that definitely shouldn’t mean that they should live their life as an unfortunate. According to Forbes, more than 57 percent of the students around the world did not go to their first choice colleges and surprisingly, 62 percent out of the 57 percent of the students were not able to go to the college they wanted to because they weren’t able to afford it. Why should money get in the way and darken people’s bright future? After all, countless talents are just hidden, and unnoticed around the world since countless people are not able to receive college education just because of financial restraints. In order for the countries to grow and prosper in the future, college education should be provided free. Who knows? Maybe the next generation of a farmer’s family could turn into the billionaire family, after being able to receive free college education, that supports during the country’s economy.

In addition, if the talents are spotted and are educated, the world as a whole will step further ahead and develop more and faster than ever in many different areas. For a country to thrive, having many intellectual citizens is much more effective than just having a singular intellectual leader with no doubt. You may be wondering, ‘How is the quality of education going to keep up if the colleges themselves have not much income?’. There is a national university in Seoul, Korea named Seoul National University. The university is well-known to be the best university in Korea.

As reported by topuniversities, Seoul National University is believed to be the top 50 universities of the world. Numerous Korean students, and even students from other nations around the world compete against other students in order to be accepted for this university. Why? Even with tuition fee being unbelievably cheap, the university provides the students with top-class education. As you have probably noticed by looking at the name of the university, Seoul National University is funded and supported by the government. We should have more universities like that not only in Korea, but around the world so that people won’t give up their hopes and dreams. Korea may be a developed country, but it’s not the most developed.

If Korea was able to do it, the United States, United Kingdom, and many other countries more developed than Korea can also do it. To sum up, financial problems and backgrounds shouldn’t decide the quality of the education provided to us. Although some countries provide cheap, or even free college education, not all countries are doing this and this should be changed so that college education is freely provided universally. This is how it works. Governments around the world invest more money in providing better education, which will make the world develop quicker and better than ever, which will then enable us to provide even better education, … and so on. The solution seems quite simple, but why isn’t this happening universally?