Hong Kong, the colony of Great Britain is now one of the busiest countries on the whole planet

Hong Kong, the colony of Great Britain is now one of the busiest country on the whole planet. The country provided ports for trading, marketing, population, etc.

most of the goods that is being shipped into Asia has to go through the system in Hong Kong. Imagine how much in both economy and politics has the country establish for it’s mother-empire, the number has to be overwhelming trillions. During the late Industrial Revolution, these mother-empires have sent conquistador to wars in settling the piece of land for colonization. The land being colonized have to pay taxes, tariffs, etc. colony also function as look-about for opponent ships. As said, ” giving thus getting, the rule of compromise”.

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Like China, it had never bowed down to the feet of early British. In fact it have never near the border even for opium from the British. Rebellions, wars, segregation, these has all existed from the day we were born on the soft soil of the earth.Military, from ancient to present has always been the potent branch of society. Weapon, protection, and conquering the has always been the duty of an army.

The million-people group also function as a part of government, controlling issues and the power of sanctions. Sometimes, these power could even mean vast resource of money. British have a powerful navy, it conquered trading routes and settled many colonies. These colonies, for example, Singapore has a perfect view of boats or fleets passing Pacific to Europe. Like Singapore, these colonies are a great place of military naval base and also war-lookout.

The British empire thrived to the top of Europe due to the multiplying colonies under it’s flag. Not only the colony is a great place to finance, it is also good for war status. The countries neighboring British became jealous mixed with a bit fear. They though British is willing to dominate the entire Europe. Competition started, major empires such as Germany began racing the British for colonies.

The others also gain control of minor colonies. These tension increased the world-wide economy.Due to the colonies, these stem-empire’s economy rose dramatically. People in the colony have to contribute certain amount of taxes to the stem. For example, if farmers has raised and sold the harvested crops, the money which in return have to be cut down by at least 1/4 of the total earned. Sometime the stem country would just take the crop for granted and import to other parts of the world.

Same situation on tariffs and taxes on the shipping or goods.China was one of these colonies which the British is longing. Battles and rebellions rung out. China was one of the greatest port for trading goods and war investment because of its position in the pacific. It has resources for countless things. Some of the rare ones are rice, spices, bamboo plants, silk, and paper, but after all it is the population which interested the British.

British not only need the resources, it also need some place to have it cleaned out the goods from other colonies.The British started to move into the Chinese culture by first entering their markets, this cause Chinese to see artifacts that are ever seen before. The British controlled the Chinese to buy their goods by selling opium in China. In India these strategy was not put to action, British used a common way of solving problems, war. British took the finest modern weapon on draft to India for settling the piece of land.

The Indians had no modern weapons at all, they watch hopelessly while the British conquering the land by mid air. India became one of the thriving port under the control of British, it had trading, merchant, etc everywhere. The country of India did broke the chain of prison started by the British rebellion in 1857. the religious belief caused Indians to rebel. Ghanndi later struggle for the freedom of India by boycotting British goods and ceasing the economy for British from India.

These colonization caused great tension in both social and racial segregations. The people being colonized hated the people of stem-empires. Thus these problems can be seen in the racism within most of the country. That is why most of the people join the British army for a spin outside their small village. The army also made them proud and protected from these segregation.

The colonies really did a great job on both the economy and military factors for the stem country. The colony also boosted the world wide economy due to the competition within different empires. These competition and colonies later lead to the system we have now.