Hot Tub Case Study

Their bodies were on the bottom of the tub, they had been dead for awhile.

The paramedics noticed that the Undersells had a very nice two-story mansion. As they went to the back patio, they saw empty bottles. One of the paramedics, Kava Dickson, was the first to notice the Undersells underwater In the hot tub. As she climbed In to bring them to surface, she felt how hot the water In the hot tub was. The undersells were dead for quite a while before the paramedics arrived. 2: did they take medication prior to death?

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Medical History? What temperature do they normally keep the hot tub at? ALCOHOLISM? Kava seemed surprised by the temperature of the water, so she was obviously sequestering why the temperature was so high.

They were most likely curious about the several empty wine bottles around the hot tub. The paramedics most likely questioned the maid after they made the call for the ME. They should have asked her about their drinking habits, what medications they were on, if they had any health conditions, what their medical histories were, how often they used the hot tub, and how hot they normally kept its imperative. : the Assai that he took would most likely be affected by the copious amounts of alcohol. The higher than normal heat should be taken into account.

The heat would raise heart rate and they had a stressful day to amplify this. Until further examination can be conducted, it would be rational to consider that both of the Undersells had high blood alcohol levels. Prior to entering the hot tub, Mr.. Underlie took Lassie, a diuretic. Diuretics are used to encourage urine production.

The Lassie could have caused some adverse reaction relating to extreme dehydration.

The abnormally high heat in the hot tub may have also played a role 4: the high blood pressure and heart rate would contribute to a potential heart attack. The combination of lassie N alcohol has a lower blood pressure affects which would dilate the blood vessels. This could have caused him to pass out or could cause a clot to form. 5: there are 2 answers I can think of. They both fell asleep due to alcohol and receiving feet making their blood pressure much higher.

This would happen because his body Is used to high blood pressure. Blood clot could have also forms due to elated blood vessels.

Apt 1 : they definitely asphyxiated after passing out due to the sudden drop in blood I en toner Upton Is a D pressure. Wouldn’t affect the woman. Clot Torment In ten man’s vessels, out Tanat 2: the side effects of Lassie that could have contributed include thirst weakness and dizziness.

Thirst would contribute to dehydration and further weaken him, the weakness and dizziness worsened by the hot tub could have kept him from climbing out when he realized he was passing out. 3: it is a measurement used to determine how much alcohol someone has drank gently. : it stunts the brain’s communication pathways causing changing of moods and behaviors. It can also affects coordination and make it hard to think clearly. 5: alcohol leaves the body by metabolize at a rate of point 01 5 of blood alcohol content every hour.

So with someone who was completely sloshed at a level of . 15 BACK would be sober in 10 hours. 6: same for both: disoriented and confused, dizziness, exaggerated emotions. Their vision would also be blurred as is perception of color form motion and dimension. Blurred speech loss of the ability to walk well.