how grades affect your future(:

Grades can affect your life in so many ways in your future life like a job or sports. School is very important in our lives it gives us the education to make our future better and get into a good college and get a high paying job. In school a lot of things could happen like getting into a fight and severely hurting someone and going to jail or juvie which is put on your criminal record forever and causes you to lose your scholarship for football or basketball or any sport. Grades help you achieve things when you want them and they get you where you’re going in life if it’s working at Mcdonalds or as a coach or a football player or being the owner of a multibillionaire company. If you wanted to be in the NFL or NBA you would have to have those good grades and have a high GPA in college to have success in what you want to be or what you want to do when you’re older. If you were doing great in school and you were the star athlete in soccer or whatever sport you’re playing and you meet someone special or you join in with the wrong crowd of people a couple weeks later you’ll realize that you’re failing because of things distracting you from life to get an education. But sometimes there’s just those people who just don’t care about their grades and slack off in class and don’t do their homework and drop out of school or college that won’t have a bright future ahead of them and will end up working at some low paying job and then end up homeless.