How Laziness is Killing Us

The increase in technology has led to the increase in laziness, and made this generation the laziest generation ever. We all love to just lounge around and stare at our phones.

Technology provides efficiency for many people, which is the huge reason why people get addicted to it. It makes work a lot easier for people with just the touch of a button. Social media, and phones make communication between people quicker. Don’t be surprised. Technology has become a huge part of life. Some people would also rather talk to their friends on social media, than in person.

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People would also rather spend their leisure time on their phones, than going outside. 17.6% of unemployed people are between the age of 17-21. People just love to do nothing! Almost 6 million people are neither in school nor working, and a lot of this is due to laziness. When people are lazy, they are less likely to get a job opportunity. Being stuck on your computer, phone, or other devices can lead you to having a hard future ahead.

Laziness has also led many people to getting obese. 3 out of 4 Americans think this generation is less industrious than the previous generations. Surprisingly, many young people agree! Laziness is one of the huge factors of obesity. How technology changed through time: In the past, people had to do a lot of stuff for survival and NOT be lazy or else they will have trouble surviving. This generation, however, is more wealthy and survival is not as important as it was in the past.

People in this generation can just drive to the grocery store and buy the food they want, instead of catching their own food. As technology improves, people will get lazier and lazier because they depend so much on technology to do work for them, instead of doing it themselves. When new things are invented, there will always be small flaws about it. More and more inventors use this flaw to create their own invention. People, like you, use this invention so you can do less work, and so you can do work more efficiently. If there was a choice between getting up and doing something active, or just laying back on your bed, browsing on your phone or laptop, we all know we’d pick the second choice.

We’d just tell ourselves I’ll do it later, or there’s always next time.Well, technically you’re right.But, there may be less time than you think.Laziness is one of the major leading causes to obesity.Meaning: ten years shaved off your lifespan. Imagine you’re at the mall.

You’re just strolling around, and suddenly you see something that catches your eye.You enter the store and quickly walk to the place where you saw the display.Quickly, you grab the item off the shelf.All seems good and well, that is, until you check the price tag.Your eyes widen as the price is rocket high–at least for you.I mean, you have the money, but if you bought the item, not for long.

However, you decide you really like the item and stroll up to the cashier, giving the employee all your money.All that’s left in your wallet is a few lonely one dollar bills.You walk out, feeling great about your purchase.But when you finally get home, you realize that maybe your purchase wasn’t so wise.For next few weeks, your friends invite you out to the movies or the mall, and guess who can’t go?You, because you don’t have enough cash to do anything but stay home while everyone else has fun without you.

This event is like laziness.Being lazy and procrastinating to do something might seem great at the moment, but eventually in the future it’ll come back to bite you.As a teen, we understand why you might procrastinate.You’re tired from taking multiple tests on the same day, you have loads of homework but still have to go to sports practice; life is busy, everyone deserves a break. If you procrastinate you may get a break in the beginning, but by the end you’ll be panicking and struggling to get things done.

Being lazy might end your stress for a while, however afterwards, the stress is going to come back in a double dosage. Here are some helpful tips to help you get up off your couch, and be more productive: -Get some motivation to do your work- whether it’s listening to music, or exercising before you start your work, motivation is a huge key into being more productive. -Unplug- try to stay away from any electronics. It may be hard, but trust me, it’ll help. People are easily distracted by electronic devices, so it is hard for us to get off and actually do our work. -Set a routine and list goals to finish for the day- setting a schedule for what you have to do manages your time better, and writing a list of goals to accomplish for the day makes you feel more obliged to achieve it.

Laziness has negatively affected the lives of many people. It has dramatically increased over time, mostly due to the advancement in technology. Laziness may jeopardize your success in the future. It is important for us to overcome laziness and become a more productive generation.