How Martin Luther King Jr. was the Change

Imagine the world today if segregation still existed. It would be a terrible place.

Schools would still be separated, along with segregated buses and restaurants. A main reason why none of that exists today is because of the leadership and persistence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Because of his involvement with the civil rights movement, Dr. King has changed the world for the better. Dr.

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King experienced segregation at a young age. This influenced him to be the leader he was. At age 6 he was told not play with some of his white friends anymore. This changed him and eventually influenced him to do something about it. Living in the South, Dr.

King experienced segregation frequently. His buses were segregated and so were his schools. Personal experiences can motivate people and Dr. King’s personal experiences with segregation motivated him to change the world. Dr. King overcame adversity to be the change and to help the world through the civil rights movement.

Dr. King was thrown in jail a couple of times in his life. To some of his followers, all hope was gone. This was just a bump in the road for Dr. King. He never gave up and once he was out of jail he continued to change the world whether it was through rallies, protests or Speeches.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s emotional speeches were very influential and were a big factor in the civil rights movement. His “I have a dream” speech was heard across the country. This speech spoke to many people, both blacks and whites. He talked about how blacks and whites could live together and be treated equally. This speech definitely changed many people’s views about the civil rights movement.

It is the perfect example of someone trying to be the change. Dr. King’s actions were noticed and he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

succeeded in changing the world through the civil rights movement. He is the perfect example of someone who wanted to be the change. His story tells people to never give up, Keep on trying until you succeed.