How To avoid Drama

Have you been caught in some major, deep drama? Things you wish you could have avoided before? One of the main stresses of high school for teenage girls is drama. Drama can follow you everywhere and it is important to be prepared when it happens. Here are some ways that girls can avoid being caught in the sticky, annoying situations of the drama filled high school years. How to avoid drama (A Satirical Piece) The ten easy steps to having drama free high school years 1. Steal your best friend’s boyfriend. She will be flattered that you like her taste in guys and it will prevent the drama of you fighting over him when you can just share him.

You know what they say, “sharing is caring.” 2. Gossip about people whenever you can. If there is so much gossip being spread about others, there will be less being spread about you. 3.

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Cheat as much as you can. By cheating you won’t have to deal with the drama of your parent’s disappointment when you get a bad grade. 4. Don’t join any sports teams of any kind. With you will be expected to pass each other the ball and share the playing field.

If you fail to follow these rules people will begin to dislike you and drama may occur. 5. Avoid all clubs and extracurricular activities. If you join different clubs you will meet different kinds of people. Others may begin to judge you as a more diverse or well rounded person.

Ugh. 6. Talk smack about your friends through things like honesty box and formspring. By using these anonymous websites you will avoid the drama of openly hurting your friend’s feelings but still be able to communicate to them how you truly annoyed you are feeling. 7.

Go to as many parties as you can and get completely wasted. If you are under the influence you can do whatever you want. People will excuse your lack of smart decision making for your lack of sobriety. 8. Lie a lot. If you tell your friends the truth, it will reveal who you really are and you don’t want that.

Tell them things they want to hear and not what you are really thinking. 9. Don’t keep secrets. By keeping secrets it shows that you are hiding something and people will get offended. And don’t worry about the person whose secret you’re spreading, they’ll forgive you when they realize what an honest person you are.

10. Switch your group of friends every week. It will show people that you are flexible and have no sense of commitment.