How To Overcome Senioritis

When most think of high school, they don’t think of the awkward freshman year, or middle sophomore and junior years.

They think of senior year. It’s the year that sums up everything you learn, everything you experience, and everything you will remember. Every senior has had a different journey and will have a different path, but there is one thing they can all agree on: senioritis. Senior Nick Kopecky says, “Senioritis is true. This year has been more of a good time than a serious time.

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” He says senioritis is the one word that describes this year and most seniors would agree. While the senior class may have a raging case of senioritis, senior Brady Kelliher says, “Exciting would be the one word I would use to describe my senior year.” He agrees that senioritis is true and adds that trying to find motivation is extremely difficult. In order to overcome this rampant and widely spread disease, seniors need to follow a few guidelines. Primarily, they should have more classes than study halls. Seniors should try to do at least half of the homework assigned.

And they should never fall asleep in class. These few things can be an antidote for senioritis…but in all honesty, senioritis will never be cured. However, in the most extreme cases of senioritis, college acceptances can be revoked. According to USA Today, “Final grades were cited by 69% of colleges that revoked admission offers in 2007.” But rest assured: unless you become seriously ill with senioritis, this shouldn’t be a concern.