Senioritis: How to Survive Senior Year

Every senior goes through it; from the jocks, to the geeks, and even the nerds. Senioritis, it starts out small and like a parasite it takes over until it has complete control of you. There’s not much you can do to stop it, and by the end of the school year you’ll be begging for it to be over. You loose concentration and you’d rather play games then get your work done. The hardest thing seniors have to do is find out new game websites when old ones get shutdown.

There are a few ways to prevent your self from falling victim to the plague that is Senioritis. STEP 1: Befriend a person who is higher up on totem pole. ex: Principal, VP, or guidance counselor. This step is a most definitely a must, because it helps you get out of class a lot more often to basically do nothing. You can just wander around for a half hour doing whatever and then go to that person to get a note excusing you from class.

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In addition, it’s nice to make some adult friends, because it makes you seem more intellectual. ***DO NOT look over the importance and usage of this step. It can become a lifesaver by then end of the year*** STEP 2: Make sure to keep a close-knit group of friends, and don’t be afraid to expand on that group. You need to keep some close friends so you have something to do on the weekend. The weekend is the time for relax for all high school students, but it’s especially important to seniors.

You spend almost every week waiting for school to be done for good; the weekend is that time that you strive for. Also, make new friends so you have even more stuff to do. I can’t tell you how many new friends I’ve made in the last two years that have become really good friends of mine. STEP 3: Take it easy during the first month of so doing school, and keep a low profile. You want to try and go under the radar so-to-speak. Just keep the work up for a little bit and make sure you don’t cause any problems early, because we all know how imperative first impressions are.

If the teachers think you’re a nice, hard working student that’s just trying to get by they’ll be more likely to cut you a break every once in a while. This does not work for all the time, though; some teachers may not get to know you at all, so they don’t really care if you miss an assignment and get a bad grade. STEP 4: Do as little work as possible to still get by and receive a respectable grade. High school is really easy. All you need to do is do most of your work and you’ll most likely get an “A”.

Make sure to do all your work in other classes so you never have to take anything home. Personally I never took any homework home, besides major papers or projects. Further more, make sure to get all your work done the night before it’s all due, because then you know you MUST get it done. So you work a lot faster and it tends to get done quicker. I just think about it as a night of stress is better than a little stress every day of the week.

This step may take some getting used to and you need to make sure you know what your project consists of. This step is great for those of you that can master it, because it gives you many more hours of free time to do whatever you want. STEP 5: Just make stuff up. If you don’t know what you’re talking about at least try to sound like you do. Making things up is the key to success during all of high school and it’s a necessity during senior year.

You must realize that first of all most teachers don’t know what the truth is, so just sound like you know what you’re doing. Some people may say it’s lying, I just see it as being confident. Being confident is a great skill to have too, so you need to just it wisely. Making stuff up can come natural to some people, and if you’re one of those people consider yourself lucky. This can help you to write long research papers and make up many filler sentences that add to the length requirement. By learning and mastering these 5 simple tests you’ll be able to make it through senior year.

Some people may see these steps as a way to cheat the system, and I would 100% agree. Cheating the system is where it’s at. You can’t take things too seriously otherwise you’ll end up stressed out or so angry that you’ll never want to do anything. No one wants to be that person, and no one wants to be friends with that person. So, practice these steps, put forth a little effort, and in the end “It’ll Buff”.