How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

PLANNING A WEDDING ON A BUDGET 11-21-10 Organization:This speech uses topical organization Audience analysis:My audience consists of women who have recently become engaged. There will be four women between the ages of 30 and 40. The speech will take place in the a room at my work. All of the women are interested in learning how to plan their weddings on a budget.

Central Idea:Wedding necessities for cheap General Purpose:To assist Specific Purpose:I would like to teach women how to plan a wedding on a budget Introduction: I. Attention getter: Every woman wants to have the wedding of their dreams.

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Weddings can be very expensive. An average wedding cost $27,000 and majority woman however do not possess the means to have such a lavish event. But there are other ways to have your dream wedding without spending that much money. If you budget and shop you will have the wedding of your dreams.

That money could be used toward a more extravagant honeymoon for instance. II. Establish Credibility: Based on the research that I’ve seen, establishing the necessities for a wedding can drain your pockets. I can tell you from personal experience that weddings are expensive.

Saving time and money by creating your own event is helpful to anyone. III.

Thesis Statement: I will discuss how to plan a wedding on a budget by using resources such as the internet, and shopping around to get your money’s worth. IV. Preview Statement: During the minutes that follow, I will tell you how save on a wedding that you dreamed of having. A. By exploring your flower options B.

By giving you your dream cake Body: I. I will show you how to save on your wedding flowers. Your flowers are one of the biggest cost of your wedding besides venues.

Your flowers are about 10% of your budget (the knot. com)Your wedding bouquet alone will cost anywhere from $239-$104 and you could use the money you save on something that is more important to you. A.

You could use silk flowers. They are a realistic alternative to the real thing and you don’t have to worry about them dropping in the heat if your outside and it is hot. Silk flowers will range from . 99-$10. 00 depending on the type of flowers you want.

B. Another way to save is making your bouquets yourself. You could go to a local grocery store and buy a flower bouquet for 12. 9 which I did at Stater Bros. . At Jo Anns fabric store they have bouquet balls with Styrofoam and you take the flowers from the grocery store pull them apart and rearrange them how you would like.

Then you wrap ribbon of your choice color around the stems. You then have a beautiful bouquet and some money left to spend on stuff you do want. C. Using flowers that are in season will save you money. According to the knot article Wedding budget 101, If you use more greenery in your bouquets you will not have to use as many flowers, it will also make your bouquet look more full.


You should start shopping around far in advance for your wedding cake because some bakers only do a couple a week. An average wedding cake cost $543 (The bridal Association of America). A smaller tiered cake with a sheet cake for guest will cost you $1. 50 per slice, a mid range with 2 or 3 tiered with standard flavors cost $5-6 per slice and a high end cake will cost $10 or more per slice and that has flavored fillings, fondant, and sugar decorations.

A. Check to see if your caterer will serve as your cake baker. Big catering companies and hotels often have their own pastry chefs.

Going this route will save your cake cutting fees as well as delivery fees. (Theweddingchannel. com) B.

If you want the look of a big tiered cake but you don’t want to spent the money ask your baker to make the top cake, which is your cutting cake real and the bottom ones with styrofoam and frosting and then there could be a sheet cake waiting in the back for your guest. A lot of tiered cakes require assembling and they usually charge and extra $50-100 so this may save you that extra fee as well. C. What you put on your cake will cost you extra.

A bakery will charge you more if you use sugar flowers verses real ones. They have to usually make them all by hand, which takes more time and more of your money.

Conclusion: V. Transition— As you can see, a wedding could be very expensive and requires a lot of work. VI. Restatement of Thesis— Budgeting a wedding could be difficult and your cake and flowers are one of your important wedding necessities. VII. Restatement of Main Points— You could do so by researching your Resources, and shopping around for a baker who will give you what you want and a bouquet that you will be happy to walk with.

VIII. Memorable Closing Thought—Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming and just remember this is your day, it’s all about you. Just the little bit that you let go and budget will relieve a lot of stress off of you. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help. People are more than willing to help.

Get ready for a new journey in your life and remember One thing, never go to bed mad just stay up and fight. (Phyllis Diller) Works Cited The bridal Association of America c. 2006 The knot. com, Wedding budget 101 c 1997-2010 Weddingchannel. com.

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