P & J Wedding Consulting Company

Company Description and MissionP&J Company is a wedding consulting company that was established in 2001. The Company offers wedding consultancy services to its clients electronically. This therefore means that the clients do not need to come to where the company’s premises are located rather these clients can access the services of the company online through the internet for example they can make the wedding flowers orders online and pay for this online also (Botha, 2004). They are also able to get the wedding tips online e.

g. having the best dressing for the occasion and the wedding venues that are available to them. The company also has plans to increase its base by bringing in more technology so that it can serve its customers in a more effective and efficient way.The company intends to provide its clients with the best wedding consultancy services by ensuring the quality of the service is the best. This is to ensure that the clients get the value of their money .

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Its the company’s mission also to ensure that the services offered to the clients are very clear and appropriate so that the clients do not have to take long in understanding the kind of services offered to them (Laudon and Traver, 2004). It is also the company’s mission to reach out to many people across the globe and be able to provide the services to them.E-business Purpose and ObjectivesThe purpose of the P Company is to provide online wedding consultancy services to those couples who wish to get married. The services offered here include; how to make the best choices when it comes to venues and the mode of dressing during the wedding. This will enable them to make informed choices and therefore achieve their dreams in life. This can be achieved by putting in the necessary technology and ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the same.

This will therefore enable the company to achieve its objectives of increasing its profit level and also increasing the clients’ base by reaching out to many people across the world.Stakeholders and Project Timeline The stakeholders of a company are those individuals or organizations which have a direct link with the company. P&J Company therefore has various stakeholders with various interests.’ These stakeholders include the company’s suppliers, the owners of the company, the management team and also the government (Reynolds, 2004). These stakeholders require that their interests’ be well taken care of.

For example, the owners of the company require that the company attains the highest profit level so as to increase their wealth level, the suppliers on the other hand requires that the company be able to operate well so that they can be able to be paid their money, the management wants to retain their jobs by all means and finally the government wants to ensure that the all the legal requirements have been complied by the company. The services offered by the company can be obtained at any time and so long as the client has internet services around him or her and that the services gets to them at the right time.Marketing Plan and CRMThe company has put in a good marketing plan so that be able to market its services and therefore increase the company’s level of profit which is in line with its mission and objective. The marketing plan entails various things which includes;The company has to undertake analysis which will enable it to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats which the company may be facing from its competitors. This will enable the company to know areas of improvement and where it requires retrenchment if possible. By identifying it strengths, for instance, the company will be able to rate the performance of its product in the market.

This will make the company to identify the issues which make them to excel and to further develop in those areas so that they can meet the expected goal. Understanding the opportunities of the company will help the company to identify and develop the best strategies which are aimed at exploiting these opportunities so as to meet the goals of the company. By identifying the weaknesses of the company, it will be easier to avoid such areas which are deemed to be a source of reduction of profits to the firm. Marketing strategiesThe company has to come up with the various marketing strategies which will enable it to meet its objective of improving the profitability (Botha, 2004). These strategies include;The company pricing strategy will be based on what the competitors of offering for the same service.

The company will offer the service at a price which is not too high for the clients. P&J Company has in its mission the increasing of the clients and therefore through this pricing strategy the company is able to achieve this. The Company also has plans to offer a price to its clients which go hand in hand with the kind of services which they get from the company. This will therefore attract many clients (Laudon and Traver, 2004).The company also intends to use the various forms of media to promote the services which the company offers.

Furthermore, it has plans to hire competent personnel who will deal with public relation and be able to promote the company’s service of the wedding consultancy to as many people as possible.This aspect of marketing has to do with distribution. The company has to come up with various channels through which the clients’ feedback can be obtained and attended to in time. This will also help in winning more clients to the company.P&J Company intends to provide quality wedding consulting services that will be of great beneficial to the company’s clients.

This will also ensure that the company attains its objective.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy which helps in reducing the cost and improving the profitability level by solidifying loyalty of the customers (Smith, 2001). P company therefore has plans to ensure that the issues raised by each of the customers is attended to in time and this can be achieved by collecting this information using the technology available. This will ensure that the clients obtain the necessary support from the company.Architecture and ERPEnterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software architecture whose function is to facilitate the information flow between all the functions of the business in the company and also manage the connections with the stakeholders who are outside the organization (Motiwalla, 2005). P Company has also put in place this kind of a system so that it can be able to consolidate all the operations of the business into a uniform and enterprise wide system environment.

This will also ensure that the company attains its mission and objective.Supply Chain Management.Supply chain management is the management of interconnected business networks which are involved in the provision of the service and the product packages required by the clients (Blanchard, 2007). P Company has therefore ensured that the necessary technology and facilities which are used in this supply chain management are in place. This will ensure that there is clarity in the way the company does its job and also will ensure that the clients obtains the best wedding consultancy services.