How to Prepare Yourself for Exams

With exams just around the corner, Arrowhead students are stressing out and overwhelming themselves with final projects, studying, and trying to get all of their work in. But, students may completely crush themselves if they are not preparing mentally.

In order for students to calm their nerves before exams, there are many ways to prepare themselves when it comes to exam week. First off, students need to relax. It may be difficult to relax when all you can think about is the huge exam you have the next day, but there are ways to relax, which will help when it comes to taking the exam. You can easily relax just by taking a deep breath, getting comfortable and listening to a type of music that may calm you down. Next, students need to study, but not over study. Until you have confidence that you will do well on your test, you will not be able to calm your nerves down.

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By studying, you shouldn’t sit down for three or four hours straight and study one specific class but split it up-take 15 to 30 minutes per class, then come back to it. By splitting up subjects, you won’t get distracted easily because you are bored of the same thing. By knowing your material for an exam, you will be naturally less stressed. Another way to keep your stress level down is to take time for you. Although you may feel like you need to study constantly in order to do well on your exam, taking an hour or two each day for yourself, like taking a walk, playing a sport, getting together with a friend, reading, or just sitting on Facebook, you will be less stressed because you are not completely pushing yourself all day.

When it comes to the day before and day of the exam, you can prepare yourself by getting a good night’s sleep, eating a well-balanced breakfast, studying the night before, and calming yourself down by doing the steps above before the exam. You want to make sure your energy if high and your brain is ready to think while going into any exam and just by having a good mindset and low stress levels, you could increase your test score. When the exam is over, just re-prepare yourself for the next, and before you know it, exam week will be over with, and you won’t have to worry for another 5 months.