Students Prepare for College

The time has come for high school students to start thinking and planning their futures. For juniors and seniors, it’s important to take the classes that will help with college. Most students take classes that focus on their career and subjects that will help find their major in college. Arrowhead allows you to choose different classes with a wide range of subjects that allow you to explore new interests. There are elective classes, such as world languages, technology and engineering, and family and consumer’s education.

You should take classes that you’re interested in to see if it’s the career path for you. You don’t want to keep switching your major in college; it can get expensive. Students should also consider taking challenging classes such as AP’s or honors classes. They help you get into the college you plan on attending and taking these classes are what admission officers are looking for. Colleges recognize those who take on schedules with more challenging courses. “I believe that by taking AP classes they prepared me for the rigor expected in college,” senior Rachel says.

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You should start looking for what you would like to major in; it’s a good idea to start as soon as possible. Start picking classes in high school that associates with your major or degree. It’s tempting to only take classes that are required to graduate from high school. But along with the required classes, you should also take electives that will help you find what you would like to pursue a career in. For example, if you are considering a degree in English, take as many English electives as possible. It will help you with your reading and writing skills.

Going into college with no idea what you would like to major in, it’s most likely you’ll spend more years in college while you figure it out. Start thinking and planning now. It will make your college years much easier if you find a subject you are interested in during high school.