Leisure Time for College Students

Yue Xing (Hillary) Class 3 Writing I Final Dec.

20th The Productive Ways College Students Use in their Leisure Time When a student graduate from senior high school and is about to attend a college, he must face a problem—how to use his leisure time in a productive way. In college, there are more spare time and more temptation than those in senior high school. One must think it carefully about your leisure time, otherwise, you will find you have lost too much valuable time to richen your experience and improve your knowledge.After searching the Internet and investigate some college mates, I found three productive ways most college students choose to do in their leisure time, such as study, social activities and limit the time on the Internet. From ancient times to modern society, study is considered to be the most important task of a student. According to the recent survey, American college students use 14-24 hours a week to study in their leisure time and the figure of Chinese college students is more than that.

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Many college students told the reporter that the classes arranged by colleges are not enough and every student studies for extra hours. Some Students review what they learn from instructors in class and extend more. Students in high grades are learning about their future occupations out of the field of their majors, such as foreign languages majors study international trade or economics, Study provides us the theories of the world, and through social activities, we can apply what we learn to the daily affairs. College is the last school to most students before they enter the society to work and feed themselves.That is why many college students take the chance of being a member of the student’s union, being the volunteers of some events, such as the Olympics Games or the World Expo and some get some part-time jobs, such as sales-people or tutors.

All these colorful social activities provide us a passage to know the society in advance and promote our working ability. At the same time, we can learn how to communicate with others in a preferable way. In the process of searching the information on the Internet, I found the Internet addiction has become a threat to the college students.Internet addiction disorder, like any other addictive condition, is a destructive affliction that affects all aspects of the addict’s life. One addicted, it will take all your leisure time and even your class time. Most college students are adults and are capable to control themselves.

Limit the time on the Internet, and you will have more leisure time to do the meaningful things. Study more, attend more social activities and spend less time on the Internet, you will enjoy a colorful time and these are the ways of using leisure time in a productive way.Reference: “Time A College Student’s Biggest Dilemma: Are You Using Your Time Wisely? ” Richard J. Frederick Division of Business Rust College