How to Write a Story

The way to write a story takes many components to make perfect.

I think that the voice of a character, the word choice by the author, and the ideas that get put into the story are the most important. The voice of a character in a story can come to life in several ways. One way could be through dialogue. However, the characters voice is so much more than just what he says. It also is demonstrated in the way he acts or the way he treats people. However the voice of a character is just as important if not more important as the fluency or word choice of a writing because it helps the audience connect to the main character.

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Plus voice is not just for a main character but for all the other minor characters. The author can’t just have all the characters talk the same or behave the same because every individual in a story is different just like in life. Life would be boring if everyone wanted to speak out about the same thing or if everyone felt the same about how something should be run, it is the same in a story, the audience would be bored if every character was the same. The author needs to add a little variety in the way he comes up with his characters. Without good word choice the readers of a story would become utterly unenthusiastic with the writing. But the author cannot always use big words with many syllables because it will give the audience the illusion of being in a rut, overuse of a huge word like riveting is just as bad as over use of the word cool.

An author must have good word choice for the audience of readers to stay enticed with the item that they have been handed. Word choice is not just about using big bulbous words because if the author doesn’t know what the words mean then he or she could have just said “i absolutely loved that movie it was positively appalling!” which means that movie was so great it was awful. However if the author can use his ideas to come up with good words then his story could end up being the best story ever. Every story must start with ideas if an author has no ideas then his story will be horrific. An author could find his ideas or an inspiration for an idea just about anywhere, a person could find his inspiration even in the bleakest areas because if there are no physical features then the author could write a story based on his life and in it he could put his main character in a room with nothing but blank solid walls, or in a forest so thick with brush at midnight that he can see absolutely nothing, or if he doesn’t like the fact that he can see nothing then he could use his imagination to place his character in an art gallery filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures or in a computer class with children quietly tapping on the black keyboards or staring intently at at the glowing computer monitors. ideas that come from the author help us see what is happening inside of the authors mind and help us as reader better understand what the author is attempting to convey.because ideas help create a story and a story can produce the way the author sees the world around him.