Techniques to Write

When you hear the word ” essay ” you naturally freak out.

It’s the simple fact that you’re expected to impress someone with words on a paper. But, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Writing is a process, and you need to be patient. By the time you are finished you are most likely going to have a trash can full of crumpled papers and broken dreams, but keep trying. Sure, you might reek of desperation and failure when you are done.

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But if you put that much work into it, I do not know why you get an A+. It is actually very simple, but in order to keep it that way you need to have techniques and strategies to get you through it. For example, I like to make multiple drafts when I write. I will make a sloppy copy or two and then make a final draft with the ideas and information from my sloppy copies. This works well because it takes time and you don’t need to rush through it.

Another technique I use is relaxing music. I downloaded an app on my phone that plays slow meditation music and it is fantastic for calming and relaxing me before I start writing. Also, if you would like to go the extra mile, throw in some yoga and warm milk. A combination of these three things is guaranteed to relax your mind and make your writing easier. If you happen to be one of those people who constantly has a busy brain this technique is perfect for you.

Just sit. All you do is sit in complete silence for 15-20 minutes. Doing this causes you to think, making the silence less awkward. When you start to think the ideas start to flow and you have more creative and well thought out ideas. As a last resort, if you absolutely can not think of anything, draw a picture to get creative.

Drawing a picture can give you more of a visual on what you want to write about so it is more of a transition to start your essay. Everybody is different and everybody has different things that help them calm down. If you try new techniques you are sure to find one that you like. Just write.