Have you ever caught yourself having to writing an essay, and you don’t what how to start it or anything? Well here are some techniques that help me in not only thinking about a topic but also how to write it. The first thing that helps me focus would be just sitting and thinking about everything. One way I do this is by with a nice fuzzy blanket while in my room. I also go outside and just think. Another thing I do is listen to music to help me come up with ideas.

The main thing I listen to is Pandora, the main station I listen to would have to be Justin Bieber or Thumbprint. The second thing I listen to would have to be Hamilton. The last thing I probably listen to would be Alex Aiono. The third thing I do is talk to people. The number one people I talk to would have to be my parents and they help me find a topic and how to keep it going without getting that off topic. The second person I would talk to would have to be Baylee because she helps me stay on topic even when it has nothing to do with school.

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The last people I would talk to would be my other friends because sometimes just talking helps me think of things to say. The last thing that I usually do is just look at things. The first thing I do is ride my four wheeler and we have land by the river and I just go back there and it helps me think of things to say and concentrate. The second thing I do is just look at pictures on the internet. The last thing is I just look everywhere.