HP Case Study Free Essay

Othello very first financially successful product was a precision audio oscillator Designed the first personal computer CEO of HP: Mark Hurt About Develops and manufactures computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services Chaos a diverse range of printers and other Imaging products Cellist IT company in history to report Markets its products to households, small to medium size businesses and enterprises both directly Company profile…

Hewlett-Packard Company– commonly referred to as HP Oils an American IT Corporation headquartered in Opal Alto, California, USA. POP specializes in Developing and manufacturing computing, Data storage, Networking hardware, Designing software and delivering services. Mark Hurt Joined HP in early 2005 as chief executive officer and president and was named chairman of the board of directors in September 2006. “Everything we do must be for the customer. If it’s not, then we need to reconsider why we’re doing it.

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Enhance productivity of individuals and business Coating as a change agent. Leading edge research. Lampooner quality of life.

Provide world wide access to information and infrastructure. Major Product line of HIP : Laptop & Tablet PC’S Printers & Imaging Products Desktop & Workstations Servers & Storage Software Revenue chart of HP for the resent year: Personal Systems Group 36% Imaging & Printing Group 25% HP services Enterprise Storage & Servers 16% Software 3% HP Financial Services & Other 1% Functional departments Nonhuman resource One of the toughest recruitment process in the IT industry. The major recruitment process is outsourced to Meritocracy Assessment. There are nearly employees presently working this NC. First company to introduce work from home concept. Constant career growth to the employees.

Marketing facts: 0 HP manages over 200 data centers servers,5. 4 million desktops, and 17 million IP addresses. It handles over 68 million credit card accounts and process 3. 5 billion transactions annually. It books 500 million travel reservations annually. POP supports the top 200 banks and more than 130 of the world’s major stock exchanges.

Done out of every three servers shipped worldwide is from POP ships more than 1 million printers per week and 48 million PC units annually. POP financial position: strong financial background. 2010 Revenue 2012 : US 126. 033 billion us : US 11. 479 billion : US 8. 761 billion us – 120.

357 billion 0 Operating income 9. 566 billion .NET income 12. 65 billion Randy Moots Journey Wall-Mart – Dell – VISUAL DE Randy Motto Bachelor Of Science(Mathematics) University of Arkansas The Coo’s road through Wall-Mart, Dell, and HP was marked by very different cultures and expectations.

As CIO of four of the largest U. S. Companies during his career of more than 30 years, he has tended to go “all in” on IT measures, whether they’re data center consolidations or workforce overhauls. 0 Coding applications for Wall-Mart’s remote automated distribution centre, 0 For the first nine months of Wall-Mart’s current fiscal year, profits grew by 14% on a 12% sales Jump; inventories at Walter’s U. S. Stores were lower than year-earlier levels, an achievement directly attributable to better and faster information in the supply chain.

Owl-Mart controls losses from inventory better than any other retailer, 0 Wall-Mart’s biggest ground-breaking IT advancements under Achievements Dell (2000 – 2005) At Dell, Motto led a change effort within the company’s IT organization to make Dell’s IT more efficient, more global, and more closely linked to business performance. For example, his IT team set long-term goals to reduce the percentage of the IT budget spent on system maintenance, while increasing he share for new projects.

At the same time, he set a goal of cutting IT as a percentage of revenue. 0 Reduced the cost of IT as a proportion of company revenue from 1. 91 percent in financial year 2001 to 1. 43 percent at the end of the most recent financial year.

Of course Dell’s revenues have also rocketed in that period to IIS$49. 2 billion but it highlights the emphasis on operating expenses. Randy Moots Initiatives & Strategy Sanding Patti 8028 Portfolio Management 0 HP required better management of its technology portfolio. Portfolio – Collection of projects or programs 0 Portfolio Management – Centralized management of one or more portfolio. 0 Program Management – Group of related or similar project create a unique product, service and result. IT Workforce Effectiveness 0 HP needed to upgrade the effectiveness of the company’s IT workforce.

O Moots New 80-20 Rule 0 20% IT staff- time spent on support & maintenance & 0 80% IT staff – on new project development. 0 Reverse of old 80-20 rule. 0 Most management decisions are unpopular to start because people don’t want to change.

World-class IT 0 Business technology operational spending reduced from 4% to 2% of revenue ?60% reduction in annual energy institution 50% networking costs reduction Faster worldwide application deployment Easier integration of new acquisitions Faster response to changing business needs Improved operational effectiveness and quality of service Data Centre Consolidation 0 85 data center’s consolidated to three data centre pairs 0 Platforms consolidated and standardized 0 Processing power increased 0 Storage capacity doubled 0 Network bandwidth tripled 0 Costs significantly reduced disaster recovery and business continuity Enterprise Data Warehouse 0 A Data Warehouse : 0 Database that contains Enterprise Data Integrated sets of historical data 0 Subject oriented, consolidated, consistent data 0 Data structured for distribution and querying 0 A Data Warehousing Solution: 0 Process that retrieves and transforms data 0 Manages the database 0 Uses tools to build and manage the data warehouse SOOT Analysts 0 Strong brand equity. 0 Diversified product portfolio.

0 Solid market position. 0 Strong financial condition. 0 According to the Fortune 500 best Companies 0 HP ranked at 9th place in the year 2009. 0 Internal control issues. 0 Lack of in-house management consulting division.

NON aggressive investments in R&D compared to satirical spending.