HRM strategy criteria Case Study

It meets the fit with strategy criteria by introducing a new yester designed to make implementation of performance appraisals easier on the manager and employee to communicate.

No longer are you in a face to face setting. The social network based system allows you to place your comments and questions with well desired thought. This action takes place on both the manager and employer side of the communication. You can provide feedback and respond accordingly to the operations of the system. The validity of the information may be of concern to the employee.

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You may still measure validity off of attendance records and efficiency standards but how relevant is the information as a means to the employees overall contribution to the company based on all duties performed outside of regular duties. The reliability issue can be addressed while adhering to any concerns by the manager about performance. These are also addressed on the social network site. Performance can not only be measured by efficiency standards but also communication with peers such as interpersonal communication and organization skill attributed to the Job performance.

Is the network reliable? This may be a concern for the employee.

This is no longer discussion used in a talkative manner. It is a written record on conversation. For security purposes; who would be allowed to view the messages. Is it based on communication cleared by the employee to be passed to higher level managers in the hierarchy? The specific feedback received would be the biggest attribute of establishing and implementing this network. It allows employs to address two weekly issues concerning performance instead o learning about them in quarterly interim.

The daily communication between manager and employee is also a plus with addressing these issues.

Affect of the New Tool These tools would be suitable for fulfilling the strategic, administrative, and developmental purposes of performance management. Strategic purpose solely means to achieve the organizations goals. It measures the employees’ performance to identify where those expectations are and are not being met None,Hollowness, Gerhard, ; Wright, 2011, p. 226). This allows managers to express concerns about the employee performance and suggest corrective measures to meet the needs of organizational goals.

It also addresses some factors of administrative purpose.

Discussion about salary can take place. The network site may be limited in discussing benefits and recognition programs as they would want to be discussed in a private setting between employee and manager. A manager can suggest such recognition ruling Teacake, out It wouldn’t De as detective. I Nils would not allow Tort a developmental purpose to be served. It is simply a means of discussion and feedback regarding information.

The ability to develop knowledge and skills is beyond the capabilities of this system. Affect on me.

If my employer introduced this technology at my firm, I would be intrigued at the innovation it possesses. My performance is under constant scrutiny from myself. If I could access my manager and request two weekly areas of improvement to concentrate on, I believe this would improve my performance aromatically. I have many areas to improve.

I believe breaking them down with my manager and improving with focus on those areas alone would help dramatically. My effective and desire to learn would be tested. I would allow my supervisor and unit chief to review the data collected on this site.

I feel that the view from the other level would help recognize me for awards and promotions. My only concern would be the limitations it encompasses. IT can’t directly improve my skills and abilities.

It merely makes suggestions. I would also have a concern about the number of view and who would have access besides my manager. When Good Review Go Bad Performance Management The individuals all met the required expectations of the performance appraisals with outstanding results. Measuring the performance of an employee isn’t a simple task.

Managers make comparisons using methods such as simple ranking and forced distribution methods.

They allow the manger to rank employees according to their group and also rank them according to categories of excellence. Managers also rank the individual based n traits such as initiative, intelligence, and their relations with their peers. The individual met all these expectations. Their productivity was assured and obviously had outstanding scores. They also met all the needs of total quality management by doing an excellent Job servicing the needs of the customer.

None of these were unfulfilled.

This was simply a failure of the manager. Minimizing Disputes Managers can minimize disputes by documenting the behaviors of the employee. This documentation is a written record of their behaviors displaying declines in overall work performance. It may also display a written record of any corrective action that may have taking place. The may help aid the firm with lawsuits over unjust dismissal or discrimination. HER Responsibility It would be my responsibility to provide a written record of the meeting.