Strategic Management and Performance Criteria

Whether It is old or new syllabus you are doing the approach will be the same, with a few additional performance cartel for SISSY. I would love to see more students looking forward to this project, there will be knowledge and skills you will learn, or enhance, with this unit which Anton be gained through the other units.

I’ve lost count how many times Vive heard “Once I started It wasn’t so bad” or, “l really enjoyed It once I got started”. So starting appears to be the worst part – get that bit done and you may even find you quite enjoy It! This project will develop your communication skills with the production of a formal business report – this may be something you have never seen before but could be required in your finance role within an organization.

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Analyzing a system in an organization by undertaking a SOOT analysis – appreciating the strengths and nakedness in the systems we use, and the work we undertake, can help us to identify improvements to make a job easier and more efficient. Using work based evidence for the project will help to gain a better understanding of how the organization works, is structured and who the main stakeholders are.

Through your research into the organization it may open up new communication channels, or maybe elevate your position in the workplace as your recommendations are implemented! Where do you start? . Work based evidence or the AT Case Study? If you work in a finance role and your employer is supportive of your studies then basing your project on the workplace, in my opinion, is much more beneficial. You will know a fair bit about your organization before you start!! (and see the benefits mentioned above). 2. Schedule your time Identify the time you have available to work on your project (maybe discuss this with your employer) and set yourself some deadlines, make them realistic but challenging.

3. Find a mentor Do you know someone who has already completed their AT studies?

Maybe your tutor can help to identify a mentor. . Choose a system Making sure the system you choose Is not too big (there Is a Limit on words) and not too small (you need to cover all performance criteria). 5.

Set up a template In word with the sections you need to complete for your report You can then use this to note down Ideas which can be expanded later as you undertake your research and analysis. 6. Read the mapping document Very important to understand the performance criteria your report needs to cover, you need to make sure you refer back to this document regularly to ensure your project stays on track