HER staff plays case study

Discuss how the culture of the container is “made” by the HER activities and practices used. In this case, the HER staff plays important roles that results the increased In sales, Increased in average dollar per customer and decreased In number of employee turnover. The HER staff takes considerable time and effort when recruiting and hiring employee.

They only hire those who are “fit” to work with the company so that It will results a good outcome for the company rather than hilling those who isn’t fit the criteria they wanted. The HER also pays high wages to employee Han other firms which results competitive benefits.

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Some employee earns wages close to the manager starting rates wages. The HER also provide extensive training than other firm and also provide promotions which is a good opportunities for employee. Because of these HER activities, it results low chances of employee turnover. This activities also motivates employee which is a good factors because of with motivated employee, they tend to be more productive and it is easier for to firms to achieve Its goals.

2. Explain what do you understand by competitive advantage? Identify whether entertainer store has competitive advantage or not?

Competitive advantage Is the favorable positions which an organization seeks in order to be more profitable than its competitors. Competitive advantage also involves communicating a greater perceived value to a target than its competitors can provide. This is done offering a better quality services or product lowering prices and increasing marketing efforts. The container store has a competitive advantage because of the activities made by the HER is better and beneficial to the employee compare to other firms, which is Pays higher wages to employee

Training of employee at average of 200 hours yearly rather than 7 hours training Providing opportunities for employee to be promoted 3.

Do you think caliber of employee workforce is important? In what ways the HARM teams contributing to develop their caliber? Caliber of Employee workforce is very important in an organization it affects an organizations goals. In this case, the HARM teams develop its employee by providing training for employee and rewarding employee with opportunities for promotions which will results employee commitment to work and the HER teams also trained manager to become a good leader rather than eyeing supervisors.

A good leader motivates. Most employee prefer leader than supervisors. 4.

According to HARM diagnostic approach, how are the managers focusing on motivating their employee? In order for managers to motivate employee, managers need to analyses problems that arises. For example, managers need to know if employee Is nappy or unhappy In a work place. Communicate Witt employee; listen to what they want to say. With this approach, employee will be more open to managers. Then, managers need to find solution id employee have complications or problems.

Try to find a good way on how to solve employee problems.

A good managers depends on good employee. After overcoming the situation, managers need to motivate employee in order to achieve goals. Managers need to provide sets of goals so that employee knows what to be done. Provide rewards not only monetary rewards but others rewards also like paid holiday, travel ticket and etc. Other ways to motivate employee is to treat them as equal. Employee is also a human being who has needs such as the needs of food, Job security, colonization, recognition and many more.