Human Relations and Work Adjustment

American teenagers are hard to define since most of them are confused, and it is hard to identify their wisdom. This is because most of them are mislead by their friends, and are not able to make their own choices. Most of their choices are influenced by pressure from peers, media, and parents. As a typical American teenager, I am friend-centered since I have many friends. Having many friends is something that is great, especially, those that uphold moral behavior.

This means that they do not engage in behaviors such as drug abuse and alcohol. My friends help me in times of problem especially academic matters whereby they help me in solving problems that are difficult. I also use my friends to form discussion groups concerning academic work, which helps me understand things that I did not understand in class. Additionally, I am rebellious when it comes to matters that I do not agree with. This is because I dislike taking everything that comes from people when I know they are wrong.

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With my mood-swings, I usually behave differently depending on the mood I have. When I am sad, I act foolishly and usually treat people, including my friends, in the wrong way, and this makes them annoyed. It is sometimes hard to deal with them. I am also styled-obsessed when it comes to fashion. I have lots of jewellery, shoes and clothes such that I wear according to an occasion.

I like when people admire my dressing code, and being the center of attention. As a teenager, I like being independent such that I do not depend on other people in order to make my decisions. I do not follow what my friends do when I know it is wrong; for instance, taking alcohol, drugs and refusing to do school work. I like doing things on my own, since I believe I am a productive, creative and rational being. Following what my friends do means that I cannot make it own my own and there is also a high chance of making mistakes.

As an independent person, I believe in reaping what I have sowed meaning, I am compensated for what I have worked for as well as the risk I am going to take. When making my decisions, I choose what I believe after watchful consideration, and not bound to convention. I recognize that I have my rights, which are inherent, and I should not live like a slave. This means that I am not a property of a school, government or church whereby I am used to do something to please other people. Therefore, I dislike following the crowd such as friends, and do what they are doing.

Negative peer pressure is not easy to resist. Although it feels good after resisting, and this may help one influence others positively who feels it is good to do the right things. In order to avoid negative influence that is pressured by friends, I listen to what my heart wants, and what feels right. I do want I feel comfortable with even when friends are not okay with it. Being self-reliant and knowing who I am helps me overcome negative pressure from friends. I also look at the consequences of the actions I want to take.

For instance, if it is taking drugs, I look at the later consequences such as death and school dropout, which can ruin my future. Additionally, I hang out with the right people who can offer moral support in times of crisis. If I am tempted to do something wrong, she or he is there to tell me that it is wrong, since this is the situation when one is easily influenced by others. Having a person to stand with me against the negative peer pressure helps me resist easily.