Hurricane Jose

Recently a Hurricane has sprouted in Hurricane Irma’s midst. This Hurricane is called Hurricane Jose. Hurricane Jose is scheduled to hit Florida and the islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to Irmas recent presence Hurricane Jose will likely hit them in their beginning stages of recovery from Irma. Jose’s size and wind power will damage houses majorly since Irma recently partly destroyed houses.

CBS news calls Jose “Extremely Dangerous.” Hurricane Jose is classified as a category four hurricane.It will obliterate Florida and destroy homes even more than Irma. SInce Irma put Florida in a very vulnerable position, and now that homes are halfway gone, Jose may finish the job. Many people are frightened by Jose and are hoping their homes are still standing after not one, but two hurricanes.

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However, the Carribean Islands were spared by Jose, which is very good for them since Irma caused mass destruction there. Although those weren’t the only islands Jose spared. For instance, Jose also spared Jose also spared Barbuda which was damaged severely due to the eye of Hurricane Irma passing over it. Although Jose didn’t spare Puerto rico and the Leeward Islands, which were severely damaged. Right now Hurricane Jose is about 435 miles east/northeast of the Bahamas, and is suggested to go towards the east coast of the United States and will most likely do further damage due to Irma’s previous destruction. Overall, Jose is a very dangerous threat and will likely hurt many families and will take decades and billions and billions of dollars to repair.

Also many lives will be lost and people need to prepare for Jose.