Are Hurricane Dangours

Are we safe from hurricanes? Not likely hurricanes hunters are not sure where or when they are going to happened. Hurricanes hunters are not so sure were they are going to be at. Hurricanes hunters are still trying to figured out were are hurricanes caused. Hurricanes are caused by the warm air. “hurricanes are the worse natural disaster because they can pick up things and they can kill you with the objects that got suck in to hurricane.

Hurricanes arethe worst natural disaster because they are huge. The author states that “the bulge of water around the eye is dumped in one huge wave often more than ten feet high. Hurricanes are caused by the hot air. “When the storm average more than 75mph it became a hurricane.” “hurricane Camille stuck the Mississippi delta onaugust 17 1969.

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Waves 20 feel tall knocked down building, swept through cities along the Mississippi coast, and swallowed entire bridges around new Orleans. When the storm was over highways were buried under sand”. Hurricanes hunters are the people that care the scientist. The following sample of hurricane science fair projects experiment is mean to give you ideas on how to perform experiments and arrange the hurricane.