hurricane and high winds

How do hurricanes form? Hurricanes are the worst Experience to do because lots of people could get hurt in a Hurricane wind could go up to 200mph and it’s the dangerous Experience in the world. Hurricanes occur in the late summer and fall. The winds in a hurricane go fast because they destroy lots of houses. In a hurricane there is so much wind and floods in a hurricane. Hurricanes wind speed is high because it blows so much stuff in a hurricane.
The two ingredients for a hurricane is warmth and moisture. The rain in a hurricane is heavy because it rains and stop then it starts to rain again in a hurricane. A hurricane kills lots of people in lots of cites because sometimes people don’t serve in a hurricane.
In a hurricane it can damge
houses and also, building in a hurricane because the wind it is so strong that how it could damge lots of places in the world . And floods could also, damge peoples houses in a hurricane because it can kill lots of people or destroy in cites.
In a hurricane hunter people study about hurricane and How they form in the sea . And also, how they name hurricanes in the world .and also, they study how hurricanes form in the sea . And why does the hurricane kill lots of people every year. Also, why does it rain so much in a hurricane happen in the sea or on land.
In a hurricane there is so much of winds and floods in a hurricane .why is the wind so strong in a hurricane ? Hurricane are dangerous because they kill so much people every year and sometimes people might not serve in a hurricane. The hurricane could destroy and buildings, cites and its rains a lot in a hurricane.


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