Hyden Case Study

Analyses the problems In this case In terms of what you know about workplace emotions and attitudes. Firstly, when Fran was offered to attend the workshop in Auckland, she identified a great opportunity for her professional development. However, she didn’t asked for permission to her direct boss and this certainly caused a series of incidents afterwards.

Fran probably acted motivated by her emotions rather than doing a logical analysis.

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She should have thought making a rational decision that didn’t involve her in troubles. Nevertheless, the most important source of problems in Dairy Engineering Is the managers personalities. Franc’s supervisor, Peter, has a tendency to experience more negative emotions and It clearly has an effect on employees’ attitudes. What Fran suffered was stress caused by psychological harassment from Peter. The treatment she received was Inappropriate and undermined her diligently.

On the other hand, Rob Is an unassuming person and It Is difficult to trust In his word.

He is one of the chief managers but he lacks of abilities to manage the social issues presented in this company’s case. In addition, another problem that Fran personally experienced was job dissatisfaction. Because of the unsatisfactory situation, she tried to get away being transferred to another unit or had to simply resign. She also found that there were little to do and her duties were not for a professional with a degree, which is another reason for job dissatisfaction.

Moreover, Mike’s revision plans for the Big Brother project were stolen by his boss, Peter. This is another Issue because It Is unethical and employees might not trust in their own boss. Thus, they are discouraged to contribute with personal Ideas and also this kind f actions does not help to build organizational commitment. Similarly, It seems that the workshop report prepared by Fran was probably needed for Rob’s specific purposes. 2.

What should this organization do to minimize the problems apparent in this case?

Patty Engineering case is a clear example how emotions influence attitudes and behavior. They need to improve the environment generating positive emotions at work. For that, it is necessary to start treating employees well. The root of the problems Is that the managers lack of emotional intelligence to deal with social issues In the workplace. For Instance, Peter does not have the ability to perceive and understand the meaning of his own emotions.

He Is also not able to manage It and that affects their attitudes.

On the other hand, Rob as a chief manager must manage these abilities an also should have the skill to perceive others’ emotions and some Klan AT addle TTY to manage It as well. Walkout a outdo, Improving emotional Intelligence by assessment or training would help to have better interpersonal relations, performance in Jobs and superior leaders making decisions involving social well- being. Furthermore, the company has to increase its levels of Job satisfaction among its employees.