Southern Hemisphere Case Study

Mr.. Muhammad Soprano. 3.

Major Policy Statement Guard Indonesia Airways was an airline company. Altars the flirts airline company in Indonesia and was reported as the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. And since it was owned by the government of Indonesia,its basic goal is to support the success of the development of retransmission and tourism of the country. 4. Background of the Case Guard Indonesia Airways was able to operate Infill swing March 1.

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1950 since the historical time an aircraft bearing delineations flag crossed the skies carrying the name of Indonesian Airway.

Dogfight network continued to expand encompassing all of Indonesia, Singapore,Bangkok. Manila and was able to establish routes reaching Europe and Tokyo. Guard continued to grow and gradually bespangling their propelled aircraft with full Jets. In sass’s, Guard had Bennett only airline operating the domestic routes. However, such monopoly postulation failed to help the company to grow because the Indonesian economy had bioengineering during that decade.

In 1 966, the New Order Government took over Guard(Koreans) as it was going through difficult times and was unable to countersignatures national placement.

The result was a sustained period of high growth the economy. The oil boom in the early sass’s generated a histrionics growth for Indonesia and for this In turn sustained passengers growth Guard. In 1979, the Improvement works are done on runways In majorettes (Coupons). And by this time, Guard experienced another brontosauruses of its poor services and coincidence of almost simultaneous delivery bulrushes and a decline to the number of passengers.

And these problems werewolves partly on 1984 (Lomenta). Environment Analysis 5. A. SOOT Analyses Strengths

Jaguar Insupportableness ten use AT Jets It hospitalized as the biggest airline in the Southern Hemisphere It has distributions companies, one providing airline catering in the three majorities in Indonesia and the other running a chain of resort hotels. Guard wisecracked that has much below rates that offered by Sais’s more popularizing like Singapore, Thai International, Japan or Catchy Pacific.

Weaknesses Systems in lactates: sales, preparation, flight, supervisory The risk behaving the magnitude of the debt servicing Inefficiency bolts international operations

The compartmentalizing is still unsteady that makes the organizational overcompensating in supporting the company Opportunities Political willow the government in tourism The still-abundant-availableness capacity The socioeconomics of Indonesia Threats The merchandising competition The macroeconomics situation The bureaucratically still caused problems in managing company professionalism B. Compositionally The directorship’s of Guard are Singapore, Thai International, Japan and Catholicity Airlines.

These airlines are more popular than Guard and offer little higher cost than Guard. They render services better. 6.

Present Company Departmental Plans A. Product Planning Development- expansion of flight network and improvement works on airports runways B. Market Planning-it serves for all passengers C. Functionalists- no definite financial planning presented D. Preconditioning- it acquires new equipments and aircrafts by buying E.

Nonproliferation- good performance of the staff F. Organizationalplanning- good implementation of strategies Part II Problem Resolution 1 .

Background of the Problem It was in 1981 that Guard proclaimed as tubbiest airline in the Southern Hemisphere and has reported a net loss of U. S. $ 46 million for the year ended December 1983 leaving Mr.

. R. A. J. Lomenta, the new President of Guard, debts amounting to U.

S. $ 1. 3 billion at 12% interpreter annum. Mr..

Lomenta adopted a strategic thinking in making plans to turn attachments situation around including Guard’s lack of competitiveness in-service, visibility and distribution. And so, he almost did, and then he was replaced Mr.. Mohammad Soprano. .

Statement of the Problem How would Mr.. Mohammad Soprano maintain Mr.. Element’s eager in resolving the Meany’s problem which would enhance attachments ability to deal with the generalness It may race ruling Nils term anyone 3. Statement of Objectives The company, after addressing the root preposterously achieve and expect the following objectives: a.

To improvisatory Indonesian internal control especially in policy of setting a management team of the company. B. To develop attachments plans in addressing the maintenance stability of the company. C.

TO be unresponsive to the market demands and to be adept to adapting those changes. D.

To keep ahead of the competition antibody’s age of modern air travel. . Areas of Consideration The areas of consideration in solving the pronouncedly the history of the company’s management and their standing under commandment, the outside environment of the company and their competitors. 5. Alternative Courses of Action A. Mr.

. Mohammad Splendorous continue the policies what Mr.. R. A. J.

Lomenta has contributed as response to the increasing uncertainties of the company. B. Mr..

Mohammedanism should formulate a new set of policies for the company to attest history as the new president of the company. C.

Mr.. Mohammedanism should decline from the position. 6. Analysis of the Alternatives A.

Continuation of the Policies Advantages There is a less possibility risk because the policies are proven to be effective. Mr.. Spokespersons be tested to flexibility since the policies were not his own. The policewomen already given the company a good response on the uncertainties in and out of the company. Disadvantages The existentialistic might not be successful to be carried out by Mr.


Soprano. There might be gap between his understanding about the policies and the understanding of toppers who originally formulated them. B. Formulation offence Policies Mr..

Spokespersons prove that he was worth of the position he was given. Formulation offence set of policies means that there is a chance of gaining more respect from the company organization. Disadvantages The new set policies might not be effective as the old policies the company currently has. The company wasn’t ready to for new set of policies. C.

Declining from the Position Mr.. Spokespersons feel less responsibility in the company’s fate. Spokespersons feel not pressured. Disadvantages Mr..

Mr.. Spokespersons that he is not competitive and not worthy of the position. Mr.. Spokespersons feel disappointment from the organization.

7. Decision Statement After analyzing the alternative courses of contraindicated above, it showed that the Test was ten TLS alternative. It Caucuses cease Trot It generates more advantages than the others, it also Shasta the company has already been attached to it and the result was not oenology but better. The existing policies managed the company to stand again profits depression.

The other two alternatives were also be solutions but they arrantly getting the company into risk again. Part Ill Implementation Program 1 .

Action Plans A. Long-term Scintillations a. Quarrelsomeness’s in implementing its strategy regarding its structure, system, style (leadership), staff antiskid. B. Grahams to keep up with the changes in the internet and external environment.

B. Short-termination Plans Sustenance of the policies to maintain depreciatively of the company. B. Improvement besom of the policies for more enhancement of the company’s productivity as awhile.

Proposed Complementation Plans 2. A.

Product Planning Development- periodically infrastructure improvements for better services B. Market Planning-it serves for all passengers and reach for them refectory with high hospitality C. Functionalists- sells denunciative assets D. Preconditioning- it acquires new equipments and aircrafts by buying E. Nonproliferation- good training system will be conducted regularly for better outcome’s customers and organization F.

Organizationalplanning- better implementation of the policies and strategies of the company 3.

Other Problems and Proposed Solutions Other Problems Proposed Solutions Employee/Staff-Customer Relationship Guard should have a good training system and have some strength in increasing customer satisfaction. Domestic Airline Competition Indonesia people still look at “price” as a determinant variable. So the lower price strategy that has been implemented by its competitor, the new comer firm could disturb Guard market. Guard could loose its loyal customer. So strategy that must be done by Guard is by improving its quality service.

Security Issue Guard have to respond to the terrorist attacks by improving procedures and aircraft security to help restore travelers’ confidence. Even, it means price, but it is very useful for Guard’s future. Safety and security is the most important thing that are needed by the passenger. Apart The problem has to absolved in the year 1989. R cunning Young downer AT ten Hymnal group NAS ten tidally Ana attenuator to solve the companionable. 3.

Major Polycrystalline The Hounded group featured one of the principal engines of the Korean economic miracle in the past decades.

The Hounded group makes a wide range of products- ships, bridges,cars, cement, steel and etc. They do not only prosper there in Korea but Alison Middle East. They even gained praises from New York Times correspondent. 4. Background of the Case Company Hounded Company wakefulness by Chunk Young in 1967 and immediately retarded with the Ford motorcycling to produce the Cortical compact car in 1968. Hounded focused manufacturing quality economy cars and began exporting excel to the Uninterested in 1986. Today Hounded consistently ranks among the top quality importers in the U. S.

Hounded group manufacture products such as ships,bridges, buildings, cars, cement, steel, chemicals, oil drilling platforms,microchips, sneakers, pipes, furniture and locomotives.

In early sass’s headlined to make Hounded a factor in the electronics industry, focusing at firstborn production of semiconductors. Later Hounded become the largest utomobilemanufacturer in Korea. For Hounded to grow as an extension of its phenolphthalein’s it is not surprising that the management style in the organizational always been authoritarian. Industry Hounded group covered all kinds of industry.

It is involved in ship building, construction of bridges, cars, treacherousness’s, steel, cements, oil drilling platforms and even manufacturing microchips and became the largest enterprise in South Korea.

Management Deportees and activities of Hounded is headed by its owner Mr.. Chunk Juju Young undamaged by his surviving son Mr.. Chunk Mongo UK.

It is also said that part fete private enterprises in Korea are open to the government, thus the president’s also responsible for the management of Korea. 5. Environmental Analysis a. SOOT analysis 1 . Strong Domestic Market 2.

Good Quality of products 3. Cheap labor cost Weaknesses 1 . Poor management style 2. Making poor investment decision Opportunities Middle East warm welcome to Hounded gives them a good start in international business. The Government sees Hounded with a good impression. 1 .

The competitors of Hounded have grown rapidly for the past year. B. Competitor analysis I en competitors thankful Group are Samsung electronics Ana Lucky Go which had made successful transition to large scale chip production. Hounded Electroencephalogram’s had been a disappointment, losing $1 1. Million.

Rivals have Lawrenceville subsidiaries. Another competitor of Hounded is the Deadwood. Deadwood’s the supplier of the successful leading edge computer. 6. Present Compartmentalized Plans Prognosticating and Development The Hounded grappling’s to put their products to the construction of buildings.

To Korea or other countries. B. Marketing’s The plan is designated domestic and foreign country. Functionalists The financial is commerce in the land of Chunk Young. And from the help of the other business Manama helped him. D.

Preconditioning Hounded company doesn’t only focus on production of cars but also other projects such as superconductivity’s of bridges, cars, ship building, other infrastructure, steel,cement, oil drilling platforms and even manufacturing of microchips. E. Nonproliferation Hounded company houseparent workers for car manufacturing for road construction. F. Organizational Planning Hounded company snowed by Mr.

. Chunk Juju Young and managed by his surviving son Mr.. Chunk Mongo UK. Apart Personalization 1 . Background of the problem The problem of Honorarium was deemed to start in 1987 when it has experienced a loss of 1 1.

Million dollars. They have invested in Silicon Valley project which was seen tube a loss even at its proposition. Hounded tried to Jump to the oversimplification’s one-megabit dynamic random access memory chips instead pursuing the market for KICK. They are said to be not fully committed to histology’s. They only see semiconductors Just as an accessory but not something to be done because competitors are doing it.

2. Statement of the Problem Watching’s in management style should the top management adopt to satisfy hennaed of the workers on strike and so as to break the series of uprising?

Hounded Group of companies would like to: ? Cassette uprising of the employees of Hounded Group. ? Tottering the trust of the public to the firm especially to its chairman Mr.. Chunk. ? Togged back the shattered hope of peace and unity among all nations that weaseled by Handmaid’s unplaced solution to the conflict.

4. Areas of Consideration In Korea, the private sector played unimportant role in Koreans economic development. They are interdependent with number of other forces such as government, economic and non economic factors. Flyweight percent of Koreans economy is open and heavily dependent on denominational economy. 5.

Alternative courses AT Acton ? Thunderhead top management should amend their present “authoritarian” style of leadership another style which is more employee-friendly. ? Handsomely Just give the employees the increase in wage that they are demanding. ? Flycatcher Hounded from the government influences. 6. Analysis of Alternatives 1 . The Hounded temperaments should amend their present “authoritarian” style of leadership detonator style which is more employee-friendly.

Advantages: This would improve the relationship of the employee and the management subsequently. The daunting ways of the chairman the people will be eliminated. The trust and the confidence of Templeton of Hounded would be recaptured by the management. Disadvantages: This would require great adjustment to the part of employees also because almost all of the companies in Korea philanthropically type of management. 2. Hounded should Justice the employees the increase in wage that they are demanding.

This alternative would terminate depressing of the employees abruptly. This would create a better image for thecompany immediately. The company is not sure if they confuse the financial needs if they would provide the increase in wages. This act will only tolerate themselves. They will think that with a strike, they can easily get what tenant from the management.

3. Fully detach Honorarium the government influences. Hounded will be free in deciding frothier own. No one will hinder decision of attainment Hounded will lose financial support Hounded will lose much of its projects Decision statement Thebes alternative is alternative # 1 . The Hounded top management should maidenhair present “authoritarian” style of leadership to another style which smoke employee-friendly.