I Dance With Dolphins

I am a beautiful dolphin.

When dolphins do spins and flukes gracefully with their tails above water; gracefully I am dancing across the stage on my toes. These aquatic mammals bang heads and fight, and sometimes I am mad and ready to let my anger out. People always come to me if they need a friend to help them just as dolphins need their friends to help them along their journeys in the sea. When sticking my nose where it does not belong being curious. As a dolphin riding the waves near a boat wondering what are these big things sailing above the ocean. Dolphins protect themselves against predators under the sea.

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I am also brave to try new things and stand up for what I believe is right. Similar to these aquatic mammals who entertain people at aquariums, I am preforming my dreams in front of people on stage. Dolphins have great intelligence; they can remember a lot of information and tricks. Similar to myself, I can remember a lot of unique things. Like a dolphin, I am full of beauty and endless talents.