Ballet “Dance is very, very old. With Louis XIV at Versailles is where ballet started,” Neve Campbell stated,”As a kid, many want to be involved in ballet , but few have a chance. The italians started by having the women’s dance to show grief .

“men does ballet to show grief also. When in events on ballet comes up some people goes to watch the show because they love ballet and some people knows what they’re saying with the ballets body moves. ballets tells story with their dances some people will drive HOURS to just see the ballet dances .the nutcracker has been one of the famous ballet show .Most people wonder if you do ballet does it keep you fit and is it healthy for your body ? because all kinds of dancing includes some type of moves that engage in your glutens. Squats will also help your legs get stronger it also helps you get in shape you got to ina certain.

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Ballet company is the World’s famous ballet building it is located in Russia it’s called “the Russian Ballet Company”many people have tried out some people was lucky enough to get in this is the world’s most talent group. When the russian ballet company perform most people Ballet is good for all ages , and it has a great history. Ballet has been here for a long time and it is the world’s most famous first dance! you can also learn about it while watching it . Ballet is a beautiful thing. Its very hard it takes time to learn ballet. And if you need help you can visit or go to “Russian Ballet Company” you can get the best ballet help you can get.