I Felt a Funeral in My Brain Analysis

I felt a funeral in my brain ( Literary Analysis by Arya Alborzi Pour ) Form : This poem is consisted of five quatrains . Rhyme Pattern : It follows the sequence of – a b c b d e f e g h I h j k l k m n o p – An extended visual-Imagery can be found throughout this poem due to the fact that a funeral service can be pictured in mind while reading this poem. I felt a funeral in my brain, And mourners, to and fro, Kept treading, treading, till it seemedThat sense was breaking through. 4 Alliteration : The words “felt” & “funeral” ( line 1) and “treading” , “treading” & “till” (line 3) suggest that there’s alliteration of /f/ ; /s/ in this stanza. Imagery: The word “treading” can be considered as a kinesthetic-imagery and also at the same time it can be mentioned as a auditory imagery .

Rhyming words are “fro” ; “through” . And when they all were seated, A service like a drum Kept beating, beating, till I thoughtMy mind was going numb. 8 Alliteration : The words “when” ; “were” ( line 5) , “beating” ; “beating” (line 7) and “Mind” ; “My” ( line 8 ) indicate the alliteration of /w/ , /b/ ; /m/ in this stanza . Imagery : The words “drum” ; “beating” are considered to form an auditory Imagery . And then I heard them lift a box, And creak across my soul With those same boots of lead, Then space began to toll 12Imagery : In this stanza , The words “heard” , “creak” and “toll” indicate a auditory Imagery.

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Rhyming words “soul” ; “toll” . As all the heavens were a bell, And Being but an ear, And I and silence some strange race, Wrecked, solitary, here. 16 Alliteration : The words “being” ; “but” (line 14) and “silence” , “strange” ; “some” (line 15) can be considered as the alliteration of /b/ and /s/ . Imagery : Considering the words “bell” and “silence” , an auditory Imagery can be found in this stanza.Personification : Due to the fact that “belonging to a race” is a human attribute , we can say that the word “silence” is personified ( line 17) Rhyming words are “ear” ; “here”. And then a plank in reason, broke, And I dropped down and down– And hit a world at every plunge, And finished knowing–then— 20 Alliteration : The words “dropped” , “down” & “down” suggest that there’s a alliteration of /d/ in this stanza .

Imagery : The words “dropped down” & “hit” show kinesthetic and tactile Imagery .