I May Succeed if I Do Try

The poem I May, I Might, I Must shows us that Marianne Moore believes that nothing is impossible and that your attitude is everything. Basically, it says that if you do not try, you will fail. Marianne Moore believes that if you think something is not possible, then for you it isn’t. However, if you say something is possible, you will succeed in completing the task. This poem is important to people who are aiming for success because it tells you that you may succeed if you have the right attitude.

The poem simply tells us that to succeed, we need to have a positive attitude and go about our task with success in mind. If you go around saying that something is impossible, you will continue to fail because you are closing the door to any paths that lead to success. I believe Marianne Moore also is telling us that to two different people, one task may look very different. To one person, the task may be just about the easiest, most fun, simplest thing ever. Yet, to another it may be extremely difficult, dangerous, boring.

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Everyone has a different view of different tasks. I think you can also apply this theory to people and to life. Everyone has a different view of people, and of life in general.