Young people today do not understand who they really are, their identity is what makes them who they are. No one ever stops to realize who they are. This issue will be addressed thoroughly. People need to realize that it is important to know about yourself in order to let other people know you. The younger generation act like they know who they are but when asked they draw a blank and have to think about it.

Younger people can not be expected to make the right decision for themselves if they do not even know who they are. To make a decision for yourselves, you need to get a hold of your personality and learn about yourself. This generation lets people in before they are even fully sure of what they like or dislike about each person. This sets them up to be hurt in the future by said person. Today’s generation is thriving on so called friends that do not stick around for more than a few months. The generation lets people in and lets them know all about their secrets before they know much about the other individual.

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In today’s society, to tell a person that you have a trust in can be social suicide. If only they could grab a hold of their identities and not be so trusting in other people, their problems could be solved. If a person in this generation wants to find out their identity, they need to look at themselves. The younger people in this generation need to take a step away from everyone in their lives and evaluate themselves away from the speculation of others. Other people try to influence you and that can change both your identity and personality. Take a look at the principals and values you have and uphold, these will make or break you according to the person you want and need to be.

Identity is a part of all of us, we can not get away from it no matter how hard we try. It is best to just accept it and try to figure out who and what we are, whether we like the conclusion or not. Our identity is what makes us who we are. Lets find out who we are.