If Evolution Fails and The Alternate Belief

The Theory of Evolution, a scientific explanation for the creation of the world and everything in it, hangs on the few threads of evidence such as fossil record and homologous structures to prove their belief that life could have started from non-living things.

The very truth of the matter though, is that fossil records show almost no evidence of evolution and similarities in homologous structures do not provide proof of evolutionary relationship. And, although very unfortunate for the scientific community, life could not and did not begin from nothing. Their beliefs remain questionable because simply these three things are against them, and something so taken for granted like the Theory of Evolution, is doubted because of the many things at war with it. If Evolution were correct, the world would have evidence in the fossil records; unfortunately, they do not. Nowhere in any strata that scientist have searched within, have they found a complete step-by-step sequence of change from one kind of living creature to the next.

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In fact, they continue to find more and more gaps. Also, the distinctive creatures that appear during any particular geologic age show little to absolutely no change over long periods of time. Groups of plants and animals appear suddenly in the strata at times. This sudden appearance completely goes against Evolution, which depends on the gradual change from one animal to the next. So, what can a person prove for Evolution with this information? A very minimal amount, if anything. That puts scientists back at Square One again, trying to prove this adamant belief of theirs, this time not including the sketchy evidence of fossil records.

Homologous structures prove Evolution! Right? Wrong. Of course, at first glance, the similarities in the structures of some animals appear to support the Theory of Evolution. But think of it this way: In order for an animal to live in this world, it must be capable of carrying out certain things. In order to meet these needs, it has certain structures. And, if all animals need the same basic needs, of course the same basic design of each animal will occur.

This makes sense! Yet, it does not at all prove that two animals are somehow related in the strings of the Evolution family tree. The similarities of functions between entirely different animals dump another exasperating problem for Evolutionists. For example, flying demands intricate and specialized structure and instinctual skills, yet extremely diverse creatures can all fly. No evolutionist has succeeded in explaining the evolution of flight. Lastly, if any person looked at the bone structure and that alone, many animals appear strikingly similar.

The truth of the matter is that even if the bone structures resemble each other, other structures can be entirely different from each other. Again, where does this put scientists? Not any farther ahead than they were before. Similarities in homologous structure simply do not show any sort of evolutionary relationship and cannot be used as proof for the Theory of Evolution. Life simply could not have started from non-living things. No matter how long the earth has existed, it could not simply happen by chance.

The probability for such things to occur is simply too high. No chance really exists for one protein with all the correct amino acids just appeared into existence. In fact, there is one chance in 10123 that all the amino acids needed for a protein are left-handed. Redi, a science in the eighteenth century, conducted an experiment that concluded life could only come from life. And, elements work together in ways far too complex to happen by chance. The simplest of cells is a complicated unit of coordinated parts and chemical pathways.

Even this could not have come about into existence, let alone more complicated ones. Life simply could not have come about from nothing, no matter the time or place or state of the earth, it could not have happened. So what does this prove? Nothing that supports the Theory of Evolution. The fact is that Evolution does not have a lot going for them at the moment. Its three main sources for evidence have failed them, and should not even be stated as supposed evidence for the Theory of Evolution.

In order for the Evolutionists’ belief to be proved true, they must find much more evidence that is completely for them, without any gaps so it cannot be doubted. This means they have a lot of work cut out for them. And, considering that nothing has worked out for them yet and they still remain stuck on the first puzzle piece, they have a long way to go. And if they ever will prove their Theory, well that is questionable. The world will wait for an explanation for their origins, and if Evolution fails them, what will they believe? The Alternate Belief If the Theory of Evolution is false, then how did life come about to exist? The one explanation that remains depends upon the belief in a God, and that He created everything people see today, from the plants, to the animals, to the stars.

Just as those who believe in Creation argue against Evolution, Evolutionists argue against Creation, and Creationists must face some difficult questions. Is the Bible authentic? Can it be trusted? What does it say about the creation? And, as people dig deeper and deeper into the answers to these questions, they find a more difficult one lies before them. One that will change every answer to every question they will ever wonder about the world of science: What do you believe? The Bible is not authentic. It is not accurate. It cannot be depended upon. Or, at least, according to some Evolutionists it can’t.

But, in truth, after searching for evidence against the Bible, people find much evidence that proves its truthfulness. In fact, archeological evidence supports the Bible, and many discoveries have confirmed the authenticity of both the Old and New Testaments. For example, a considerable amount of scientific now exists that proves the world at one time had one language. Archeology has discovered that a king of Ur supposedly received orders to build a great ziggurat as an act of worship to a god (“Is the Bible Really the Word of God?”). One panel states that the erection of the tower offended the gods so they scattered all the men and confused their languages (“Is the Bible Really the Word of God?”). This story shows striking resemblance to the Bible story.

Secondly, the Bible’s reliability is attested to by thousands of ancient manuscripts. The records recorded within the Bible are cross-referenced many times and, in fact, 24,970+ manuscripts support the New Testament alone (“Reliability of the Bible.”). Another reason people can believe that God is the Author of the Bible is through prophecies located all throughout the Bible (“Is the Bible Really the Word of God?”). The Bible is filled with intricate prophecies that have been fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

A few messianic prophecies include: Isaiah 7:14 (Jesus to be born of a virgin), fulfilled in Matthew 1:18, Psalm 2:7 (declared the Son of God), fulfilled in Matthew 3:17, and Psalm 3:5 (to be resurrected), fulfilled in Mark 16:6-7. These three things prove the Bible’s authenticity and show that it must have had a Supernatural Origin. All throughout the Bible, God mentions how He created the world (“Bible Teaching About God and Creation.”). The first two chapters of Genesis give a detailed explanation for the creation of the earth, the plants and animals, and people.

God spoke the world into being. He created mankind in His image. All throughout the Bible, people acknowledge God as Maker of heavens and earth. The Bible, however, does not state how old the earth is. And, no one really can tell from the Bible the age of the world.

The Bible does not mention any form of Evolution, although it clearly states how the world came into existence. This leads us to the last question: What do you believe? Only two choices are before you: the Theory of Evolution or Creation. One comes supported with hardly any evidence and the other with much. One comes with the requirement of believing in a God; the other requires you to accept that you came from non-living materials. Both require faith.

So which one will you put your faith in? Creation has proven to many people of its worth and truth. It has the most evidence and believability. It states that there is a Designer in ultimate control of everything. The cards are stacked towards Creation, and therefore many people believe in it. But, there are many people who believe in the radical thinking of Evolution. You must decide what you believe and whom you believe.

The choice is up to you.