Superstitious Belief Among Students

Are you superstitious? You may be more superstitious than you realize. Do you automatically say, “Bless you,” when someone sneezes? Have you ever knocked on wood or avoided waling under a ladder,If yes,then its definitely you are practicing superstitious belief. Today,I’m going to talk about superstitious belief among students. What are superstition? According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary,8th Edition, Superstition is the belief that particular events happen in a way that cannot be explained by reasons or science.

Superstition are based on a belief that future events are influenced by specific bahaviours, without having a causal relationship. Many superstitions deal with important events in a person’s life such a birth, entering adulthood, marriage, death and pregnancy.

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Do you personally practice any superstitious belief in your life? Im very sure each of you at least have one superstitious belief. Me myself have a sea shell with me during exam in believe that good fortune will always around me.

I have an unforgettable experience that I would like to share with you,my mum who has a strong superstitious belief that before we go anywhere far,we must leave the house within the good time so,when my father and I were scheduled to board a bus to Kuala Lumpur,my mum cornered us to wait for auspicious time to come till we miss the bus. Superstitions do have quite a significant power on us. One doesn’t need to believe in magic or negative powers to fall prey to superstition belief.

If normal people believe in superstition then how can students escape such beliefs.

Even though the students live in an age of advanced technology and science,they still believe in some superstitions as a way of explaining and dealing with the unknown. Today,im going to tell you some of superstitious belief among students and the causes of the belief. Some popular superstitions among students are eating curd before going out for new work or exam brings good luck.

According to the interview done with some students shows that the most popular superstitious belief related to exam is pens or stationeries being blessed by the priest before exam and during exam if a student shake their legs,good fortune will go away. There are also some certain exam clothes. Wearing a same pair of jeans or attire in all the exams helps to get good results.

Using same pen is another popular superstitious belief.

According to this belief,if you use other pens or some one’s else pen then your paper will not go well. Others sleep with the textbooks under their pillow,hoping to absorb the information on the book,even I have done this. What are the causes of superstitions among students? Firstly fear of examinations. With the semester exams in full swing,students are not just indulging in last minute cramming and borrowing notes,they are also turning to rituals and superstitions to help them pass with flying colours in exam.

Secondly,lucky experiences.

Most of the superstitions are based on certain sequence of behavior which are result of experiencing success while indulging in them on earlier occasions. Like certain student who was not good in mathematics exam,happened to wear green colour t-shirt on the exam day and he happened to have good result on the subject. As I have mentioned earlier that one doesn’t need to believe in magic or negative powers to fall prey to superstitious.

Its just a belief that has been ingrained in our lives and these belief has been passed on from our ancestors and it has been still circulating in our society and culture. I hope that students only adopt good superstitious belief in order to succeed in life. In conclusion, it is easy to see that our world is filled with ordinary, everyday customs that we take for granted, but which are rooted in superstitions.

Most of us engage in superstitious behavior without even thinking about it. Superstitions about every aspect of life have existed since the beginning of time and will always be with us.