Impact of Promotional Strategies

The basic concept of my project ” Impact of promotional activities for selling HCL products ” was based on sales promotion and selling.

For this I had got a training of product knowledge of wide range of products such as HCL laptops, desktops, Nokia mobiles, Canon Printers, Kodak Cameras, X-Box, Apple IPods, etc. Consumer retention is the key success factor for any competitive market.

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An effort was made to ascertain and analysis customer views and preferences for the product through process of Brand Recall. Also, a detailed study was made to understand the performance pattern of major competitors of laptop. In doing so, it was possible to assess the competition in the mar ket, hence enabling us to position ourselves more effectively and strategize on a long term basis.

During the course of this project, I was also fortunate enough to be able to study the promotional campaigns carried. This report contains the findings arrived after detailed analysis of the data received through filing questionnaires by the users of laptops at various areas of Pune. The study was also carried out to find the cause of the declining sales rate of these brands.

We did many promotional activities and I went to various societies, corporate, schools and colleges for creating awareness.

The promotional activities like canopy shows and broachers distribution were carried out at main location near to the HCL Company. In this activity we have given live demo of laptop, desktop and mileap laptop to the end user i. e. the customers; this activity was mainly done in the viman nager and vadgaon sheri. Giving them demo, and brushers , and handling there queries regarding the Products.

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