Vans Promotional Strategy

Vans promotional strategy seems to be that they want to offer consumers the opportunity to look at what they have and even allow a consumer to go online and design their own shoe.

Vans does not want to push the product on the consumer but excite the consumer about their product so they buy it and encourage others to want a Vans product. I chose the OG Slip flip flop sandal. Vans website has several stories, articles, events and educational pieces that support the sport of surfing.

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While I find that Vans website is very exciting and a positive website to visit and experience, it doesn’t excite me about the products. Vans promotes their product to kids and young adults.

The AIDA process is to encourage the consumer to buy through 1) attention 2) interest 3) desire and 4) action. Through the events they help with, the articles and support of sport events and give-aways, etc. Vans attracts the attention of consumers and also raises customer interest.

Through events, magazine articles and partnering with other brands they advertise their products and build a consumers desire, whereby the consumer will take action to buy the product. For me, the ads of surfing, views of the ocean and beaches causes me to want to go on vacation. Vans OG Slip flip flop looks very comfortable and one that I would like to buy.

In addition, because Vans supports health of the ocean and environment, I have great respect for Vans and a positive outlook of this brand and company which would encourage me to buy their product more than one that is just there to sell a shoe.

The promotional mix involves the product – choosing to stay with the same products and design, in general, such as skate and surf shoes, flip flops, hats and boardshorts, etc. Products will not grow into high heel shoes, high end purses, etcs. as an example. The promotional mix also includes who their target market is – kids and young adults.

It also includes strong public relations, distribution promotions (who they allow to distribute which product). As a whole, I feel Vans uses the Integrated Marketing Communications well for Vans products.

However, if I were looking for a specific flip flop sandal, I’m not sure their site would not overwhelm me with everything they include. I did enjoy, very much, reviewing their website, however, with all of the interesting articles, videos and information they provide. Lamb, C.

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