Impact of Watergate

One of the greatest scandals in the US history The Watergate Scandal had far reaching consequences than many can even imagine. The scandal which involved the head of state at that time President Richard Nixon and a few members of his staff reverberated across the entire political stage with its effects being felt in generations that were to follow.

After the scandal was unearthed, one of the immediate repercussions was obviously the stepping down of President Nixon. However, since this scandal involved the head of state it would almost likely evoke mixed reactions on the president’s office. President Nixon shattered the assumptions that the public had on the presidency. Many had faith in former presidents whom they saw as their representatives and thus the president was painted like a kind of “saint” in the eyes of the public. The scandal also had a profound impact on both political ethics as well as political financing.

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The scandal did also not escape the attention of the international community as they watched it unfold with great amazement (Winter, 1974). The scandal confirmed by example, that not even the highest bearer of the office was above the law. The press came out blazing and this affirmed the press of freedom in the amendment and at the same time assured the press of more freedom and as a renowned author has put it as the “fourth checker”. The president’s abuse of power prompted the congress to reign in and assume some of the power under the passing of the war powers Act which reduced the powers of the president (Friedman and Levanstrosser, 1992).