Importance of Math

Math is one of the most important subject in the whole world. Many people do not like math because they say that it is very difficult to study.

Yes, it is but because it requires a lot of focus and attention but once you work hard then it is no big deal. Math is very important because it is used in every field of life. It is used a lot in engineering and if you just do a small business so, it requires math efforts because you have to keep the loss and profit progress with you in the business. Math is also known as the mother of all sciences. It is an integral part of science.

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So, that is how math is used in every field of life whether it is humanity or social career. The world could not survive when there is no math because is necessary for industries to check their rate of production and many more. If there was no math then nobody would know the economy of a country. Many big people had made contributions in math like Khwarizmi (contributed in algebra), John Venn etc. Now let’s take an example of math used in every science subjects.

In biology math is used. It is used to find protein-protein structure, gene finding and many more. It is also used in data analysis so, that the biologist could gather his information in a special method. Biology have a relationship with math like Biometry. It biometry a biologist applies the rules of mathematics in biological processes.

In chemistry math is used in many experiments. It is used to find the number of molecules in elements e.g. in water there are 2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 molecule of oxygen. This is due to math.

In Physics, it is also used in various ways, like laws of motion, gravity, mass etc. like this math is used in other sciences, economics, meteorology and many more. So, this how math is very important. It is also used in our daily life, when we buy things from market we pay money and we should know math in order to know how much we have paid and how much we received. In all these cases, we see that without math life is impossible. It is also used in giving equal shares.

Without math, the country’s economy will be harmed because they don’t know that how much they have exported and how much they have imported. So, that is how math is really important in our life and we should develop our interest in math.