Individual Project 4

The accommodation industry is a business section that has been transforming for a long period to ensure personalized service to the client. The fact that most hotels around the world have been rated 5-star has not helped the hotels to acquire maximum profit margins. In this case, the application of the six sigma management approach has been sought to aid in the utilization of processes and management of resources. While most hotels and hotel chains would like to acquire maximum profits, accommodation alone has not been paying off towards this business goal.

In this case, as a result of this dire need to maximize profits, physical products have been introduced to the line of offerings a hotel can offer (Breyfogle, 2003). In this case, this is a process map that aims at presenting a systematic management approach to check-in and check-out process while at the same time accounting for purchases. In the new proposed process map, included in the check in process are accounting features that register and bill purchases accordingly. The check-in process uses the client as the base dependent variable who determines the type of service and products that he may need. For example, the hotel industry does not maximize profits on accommodation alone, hence, the introduction of branded products.

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The line of products ranges from sleeping gowns, bath robes, towels, all-weather blankets and sheets, saitary affects for ladies, and various other effects necessary for vacating clients. During the check-in process, a client is required to visitthe front desk to confirm a booking or secure a vacant room. At the front desk, the client will have his details entered into a system to register him/her as a user of the hotel’s services. One will be required to make a deposit of his/her choice considering the estimate of his spending over the period he/she wishes to spend. For efficacy reasons, the keys to the hotel rooms will be read/write smartcards that can sync client’s data and enable accounting for all expenditures within the hotel.

The front desk registration will sync the client’s information with the service delivery and purchases databases for easier and quicker accounting of all expenditures. Once the client attempts to swipe his/her card on the room door, his accommodation status will be automatically confirmed to the front desk and the service/purchases departments.With regards to coded products, purchases made from the hotel offering-list would require swiping of the smartcard key. This will automatically register a transaction with the database while at the same time updating the front desk final client-billing-report. The advantage of purchasing the branded hotel products is the fact that customer satisfaction will be guaranteed through free delivery of products, machine wash, and ironing oof products by the room service. For the branded products such as sleeping gowns, bath robes, towels, all-weather blankets and sheets, and sanitary affects for ladies will be sold at $75, $100, $150 and $99, and $10-$50 depending on the type of sanitary effect respectively.

With respect to the new process map, the hotel will be able to increase client preference for the hotel by 30% annually;product returns will increase 25% monthly (300% annually), a 10% increase on the number of clients using the hotel’s services, and 340% annual growth for the first year. The criterion used for these estimates coincides with the standard hotel management data on NASQAD databases (Harry & Schroeder, 2000).4: Plan The performance of the hotel depends on the satisfaction derived by the customers from the service offered (Antony & Banuelas, 2002). In this case, hotel would install a smart board where clients checking out can post their comments regarding the type of service they received. On the other hand, the hotel website would sync with the smart board so that all comments can be accessed from the control unit. In this case, aspects associated with customers’ lack of satisfaction would be addressed and amended on the process chart.

This would indefinitely improve the process performance and create room for maximum profit generation.