Individual Application

Organizational communication is a process through which different departments of an organization work together with an aim of achieving common goals. Organizational communication shows cooperation between different departments in a particular organization who have common set goals that they all work in union to achieve. It involves the passing of information from one department to another in the organization and from one person to the other, (2010). It usually shows how information passes from one department to another and from one person to another in that particular organization. The characteristics of organizational communication include the organizational communication structure that shows the downward flow of information from the seniors to the juniors in the organization. In an organization, communication can be formal or informal but in most organizations, formation communication is used. Organizational communication is important because it is a key to the organization to achieve its goal.

Small groups refer to coalitions that are formed by members who do not exceed twelve in number, Harris T.E and Sherblom, J.C (2001). Once such coalitions are formed, organizations are formed in which this small group handles a particular role in the organization. Small groups in organizations are formed where they are meant to offer mutual assistance to one another. They are also meant to help and encourage each member to courageously pursue their goals in order to achieve them.

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One of the characteristics of small groups is that they are made up of few members who also share common goals and objectives. More so, small groups are easy to handle due to their small size.In organization, interdependence is a common factor. Most people and departments in organizations depend on one another. No one in an organization knows and can do everything by themselves. They have to depend on one another for many things.

Interdependence in organizations, small groups and normal day top day activities involves sharing ideas and knowledge by people in order to perfect on their abilities, (2010). Interdependence helps people to enquire from their friends what they do not know and this ensures a better way of learning from one another.Diversity has a major role in small group formation.

In small groups, members have diversity in the ideas that they have. They do not have similar ideas about the concerns of the group. Diversity plays a major role in small groups because it helps the group members learn from one another hence doing great in their group, Samovar L. et al. (2003).

. Though many people think that diversity causes conflict in small groups, this is not the case because the clash in ideas makes the group members learn from the ideas of one another, Serebra learning corporation. (2010).