Indulgence and Credit Sales

Sale of indulgence was an act by the Catholic Church several years ago where people paid some amount to be forgiven their sins. It was originally done through offering service to the church. Later fighting against the church enemies started which later on started demanding money in exchange for forgiveness of sins. Sale of carbon credits on the other hand refers to an act people are given investment opportunities in the reduction of global warming at a fee. In satirizing the two sales, different techniques can be used to clearly paint the actions and people involved as ludicrulous, silly and stupid as a whole .One way can be making fun at their failure in the long run.

The satire can mock them by asking for instance ‘Wow the great Roman church what brought your cool salvation shattering?’And to the carbon credit sellers and supporters ‘You big thinkers why can’t you join us in celebrating your bringing of this damn increasing weather real low? Of course they have failed. For the Pope ended up losing part of this flock. Martin Luther led Protestants away from the church. The sellers of carbon credit have never made any big time reduction in the world temperature. Ironical situations can also be used to bring out satire in the sales. The church’s act of taking money in exchange for salvation is greed and contrary to the teachings of their religion.

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The Pope’s act in supporting this vice is also ironical for he should be in the forefront in condemning sins in his church. We can also have the ironies surrounding the credit sales such as it is formed to reduce world climate yet it becomes a profit making affair. Satirizing the two can also be realized through the use of overstatement and exaggeration. For example one can say that the church saved billions who saw their sins dropped at their feet. Those behind the credit sales can be told,’ You have reduced the global warming by thousand degrees.