Sales Case Study

Define the sales team goals for the next 12 months. Ensure that they are SMART. Define the Kepi’s and standards for each goal. Define the timeshare for each goal. Select 1 goal and create an action plan which clearly documents how you will achieve this goal.

Detail the methods/processes that you will engage in, the resources that you need and risks or constraints. The business’ strategic plan for the next twelve months is to; Increase turnover by 30%

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Through the Introduction of 20 new products Including a range of ‘health’ leslies that have added nutrients Build market loyalty by specifically targeting teens’ as customers By designing new packaging specifically designed to have greater appeal to the 7-12 age group Introducing a club membership for teens’ that gives them free gifts for purchases over specific amounts Increase efficiencies Increasing average customer sales from $4 per person per visit to $6 per person per visit Purchasing and installing a new computerized till aimed at tracking sales by ACH salesperson The Sales team’s goals for the next 12 months need to be In line with the business’ strategic plan.

To achieve the goals will mean the achievement of the objectives set out In the plan. The Sales team’s goals also need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Traceable. GOAL 1 : With the introduction of 20 new products, sales targets for the store are calculated as last year’s figure plus 30%. Stores will be set a weekly budget with all staff budgets calculated as a percentage of their roster time.

GOAL 2: Implement the loyalty club program – grow this to 1,260 members after 12 months, being 2 new member per salesperson per week. GOAL 3: To increase average sale value, staff are to offer an additional item to every customer at point of sale.

The Key Performance Indicators and standards for each goal will provide a way to measure If the sales person is performing their role at a satisfactory level. KIP 1: Weekly measurement of actual sales delved by budget KIP 2: All eligible customers are to be asked to Join the loyalty program. Expectation Is for each staff member to sign up two new members every week.

KIP 3: Achieve average sale of min 6 per customer Walton a weekly pergola. Total sales per week a v EAI Day mummer AT customers in the same period. Action Plan Goal Developmental Strategies Resources required Time frame Risks or constraints Attainment of Goal Increase Average sale from $4 to $6 in 12 months. All staff are to ask every customer to purchase an additional item at point of sale – Products are to be positioned and visually merchandised near register -staff will deed to be trained on how to use the till to accurately track their sales -staff to be trained on new product lines -Staff -Product displayed close to register -till that tracks items per sale -training session on how to use the register -product info night for new items 12 months with weekly checks on items per sale count -non-compliance from staff -staff lacking in product knowledge and unable to suggest suitable add-ones -product unavailability -till not used correctly -based on sales records