Industrial Processes

Industrial processes have continued to be automated as technological advances keep on being introduced.

Automated processes are used in the automotive industry all the time. Cantner and Malerba in their study “Innovation, industrial dynamics and structural transformation: Schumpeterian legacies” examine the evolution of industrial process which incorporate innovative technological advances (2007). They observed that industrial processes have emerged from manual operation systems and later developed into automated operation processes. The automotive industry has continued to incorporate automation in vehicle production, maintenance, and repair process e.g.

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part assembling, car washing processes, etc. At the same time it is critical to note that the tire changing processes has continued to be done manually, therefore, there is a need for an automation of this process. This need, however, poses a challenge to develop an automated car system that is easily usable for tire changing in situations where professional service is not available. Mary Seelhost in her article “Think it’s new, think again” published in the popular mechanics journal illustrates the challenges motorists face when a tire punctures (Seelhost, 2001). Her assertion for the need of reliable and cost effective innovations challenges the automotive industry to develop long term solutions for motorists. The solution should be suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Therefore, invalids and the disabled should be able to use the automated device with ease and convenience. Significant developments in tire maintenance are demonstrated by various automated devices developed by companies like the John Bean Company. These devices are, however, developed are tailored for uses in auto shops and repair services (Bean, 2000). Hence, there is a need to meet the needs of a lone motorist having tire problems in a remote place. There is also a need to incorporate the need and process of changing tires in a compact integral device.