Industrial Security

Workplace security is one of the most important requirements of any business or company. There are various legislations in the world which govern safety in workplaces by setting minimum standards which have to be observed business owners. Although the main purpose of such guidelines is usually focused at the safety of employees, the overall safety of property is also considered. As a result, there is every need for these guidelines to be adhered to at all cost. It is however important to emphasize the fact that industrial security is significantly crucial in addressing the concept of workplace security (Subramanian, 2006). Many lives have been affected due to industrial insecurity not only in domestic industries but also in large scale manufacturing plants.

This has also been witnessed in developed and in developing countries. It is in this regard that this paper discusses vulnerable areas of industrial security and potential solutions to each of them. To achieve this mega objective, relevant information was sourced from various sources most of which were found online. Industrial security encompasses massive programs and recommendations which have to be strictly followed in order to achieve commendable security levels in an industry. Unlike in other workplaces, industrial environments are considered more vulnerable to compared to other places like schools, banks or even hotels. There are huge security concerns which have to be addressed in order to guarantee a safe and productive environment.

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What many people have to understand is the fact that workplace security promotes efficiency among workers apart from protection of their lives and property which mainly includes assets (Subramanian, 2006). These security concerns emanate from different areas of an industry which may require unique solutions. Moreover, the vulnerability of different areas of an industry varies depending on a number of factors revolving around major events which take place. What are some of the vulnerable areas of industrial security? The understanding of these areas is quite necessary in formulating possible preventive measures and workable solutions Currently, there are a number of industrial areas which are viewed as vulnerable security sections. Common industrial security prone areas include but not limited to physical security, cyber security and integrated security.

Although all these contribute towards security threats, they present different scenarios with regard to vulnerability. As a result, a wide range of solutions are always necessary to fully address the issue of industrial insecurity. It is worthy emphasizing that the need for industrial insecurity solutions is not an option to be debated but compulsory (Sharma, 2005). Regardless of the size and location of any industry, these preventive measures are highly recommended.As mentioned above, physical security is one of the areas which is highly vulnerable yet the health and protection of workers is essential in augmenting proficiency in service delivery, machine operation and overall performance. The main factor in the understanding is of physical insecurities in industries is personal health.

Working conditions are very important in shaping the image of an industry? How many people lose their lives and dignity because of industrial accidents? Many industrial accidents usually revolve around fire accidents, faulty machines and dangerous working conditions. Numerous people have been considered incompetent and sacked for poor performance when the results obtained were as a result of faulty and dangerous machines. Dangerous working conditions further also expose the health of workers to a wide range of infections which may occur be fatal to individuals (Sharma, 2005). Dangerous industrial insecurities also include fire accidents which claim the lives of millions of people worldwide. These fire accidents are usually dangerous since they have a record of terminating people’s life. Other accidents may also be caused by slippery floors and overall disorganization of the company.

How can an industry ensure good physical insecurity solutions? Being human is one of the steps followed in achieving a safe working place. Every effort has to be factored in ensuring that every employee of the company or industry is safe. In additionn, fire accidents can be dealt with by ensuring that flammable chemicals are kept away to avoid common flame accidents. It is also important to have fire extinguishers fitted in different parts of the firm. These extinguishers however have to be examined regularly in order to establish their working conditions.

Another area of industrial insecurity is cyber security. Due to the advancement in technology, information technology departments have always been associated with high vulnerability. Information systems are at a higher industrial security level compared to any other risk. With a lot of ignorance among workers and general population, the issue of internet security is quiet sensitive. Cyber security mainly focuses on issue of identity theft and hacking of systems in order to access private and secured industry documents.

Laxity in information technology can be very dangerous and destructive. This may lead to manipulation of figures say when a person gains access to private information. Workers also need to be warned against identity theft which may involve the use a person’s identity without his or her knowledge. Many people who engage in such activities usually have an aim of committing cyber crimes like fraud and even kidnapping. The main solution towards cyber security is the involvement of information technology experts in setting secure information systems free from attacks or crash. Common approaches applied in promoting internet security include the use of firewalls in denying unauthorized data (Fenwick, 2010).

Educating workers and the entire community on the need of protecting their identity while online is unavoidable. This creates awareness within the public, leading to improved internet crimes.It is clear that industrial insecurity is a fundamental concept which has to be addressed with all the seriousness it deserves. This is because industrial safety has been known to promote good performance by creating a conducive working environment. The rights of workers also have to be obeyed in order to fully address the issue of insecurity.

It is also important to focus on more vulnerable industrial areas before dressing mild cases.