Inhalants are certain substances used by people to make or produce fumes or vapor which is inhaled to bring on a psychoactive effect (Lobo & Triggle, 2009).

Basically, the main feature of inhalants that distinguishes it from other inhalable abused substances is that inhalants are exceptional and can only be absorbed into the body through inhalation. There are various types of inhalants that are commonly found in household goods. These can be categorized into aerosols, gases, nitrites and volatile substances. Aerosols include hair spray, air freshener and vegetable oil. Examples of inhalants in the category of gases include chloroform and gases emitted by the refrigerator.

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Lastly, Volatile solvents comprises of gasoline and degreasers. Inhalants contain certain dangerous chemical properties such as intoxicating the body and in some causes it can cause sudden sniffing death syndrome. In this respect, sudden sniffing death syndrome is a condition in which a person using inhalant with high amount of chemicals experiences heart failure and after some time, the individual die (Hanson & Venturelli, 2010). This syndrome is usually facilitated by abuse of substances such as propane and other chemicals like those found in aerosols. People using inhalant usually exhibits certain physical signs and symptoms. For instance, such signs and symptoms include drunkenness appearance, lack of coordination, slurred speech, inattentiveness, dizziness, euphoria and vomiting among others.

The extreme case is usually death. Prescription and OTC drugs are usually taken by some people for non- medical purposes thereby causing serious effects such as addiction and dependence. In some cases, it may result to death. Therefore, the prescription should only be taken by the person who has been directed by a doctor or medical officer. However, a time the nature of these prescription and OTC drugs make it possible for people to abuse and become addicted and dependent to them. In addition, these drugs are readily available than other drugs, thus it is easier for people to get them.