Intellectual Curiosity

I strive to understand. Not just to learn what the school system deems “enough”. I thrive on knowledge, on knowing that I can seek a further understanding; away from just what I have been told. I don’t want to be limited by the ideals and thoughts of today.

I wish to know the realities of persons past, present and future; not just my own. On this thread I have engaged in intense study where I not only put myself in another’s shoes I put myself in another’s society, time and lifestyle. By doing this I hope to truly gain an understanding of the world I live in, and, hopefully, the worlds of all those around me. As aforementioned, I have completed rigorous study on past societies and lives. I have mostly concentrated my studies to the US, but hope to branch out soon.

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I learn every day that the ghosts of our pasts still haunt us. The people of the US make progress every single day, but I ask this; progress towards what goal? If we are not unified toward a single objective how are we expected to move forward while all aiming in different directions? Yes, I know there are some unified causes out there but, if a carriage is being pulled by four horses and two of the four desire one thing while the others wish the exact opposite the carriage will move nowhere, hindered by the nature of humans to disagree. Human nature seems to be the only thing to remain stagnant throughout history. Like lightning and thunder there will always be a flash of good, followed by the inevitable slam of bad. As such, we must prepare ourselves for a future in which all that we may experience will also have the added factor of human emotion. The coming of the future may frighten some; we have no idea what will happen.

But the world could end tomorrow and the facts would remain the same; Humans are humans no matter how much we try to be or try not to be, the nature of our species is that we simply are. We must look towards the future and carry the ghosts of our past and the skeletons of our present with us, seeking our path through the great unknown. By keeping these with us it will give a sense of self, of heritage, of belonging. Not only to each other but to the world around us. It will guide the keeper of such things to an amazing future because he or she did not be so careless as to overlook the fact that without the past there could be no future and without the future there could be no past.